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Sunday , 19 August 2018
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South African Music

The best South African musicians are showcased right here on LW Mag! From Band/ Artist interviews, to the hottest gigs, latest music videos and gossip, we’ve got the juice.

Skylight Made For More Interview

South African Music Skylight

The band Skylight have been on a 3 year break from the South African music scene and have been busy recording their debut album which is nearly ready to be released. We caught up with lead vocalist, Greg Jorden and bass guitarist, Peter Klein from Skylight to chat to them about their latest single “Give It Up”, why the 3 ...

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Vanessa Holliday Deep layers Interview

South African Music Vanessa Holliday

Vanessa Holliday is a well renowned Electronic Dance Music DJ in the South African music scene and she has just dropped her first EP called “Deep layers” which features two awesomely pulsating tracks. See what Vanessa had to say in our interview with her about the new EP and what it involves, also have a listen to the tracks while ...

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Graeme Watkins Project Overcome Listening Session

South African Music The Graeme Watkins Project

The Graeme Watkins Project is a force to be reckoned with in the South African music industry and the band have just dropped a new single called Overcome. The true uniqueness of the GWP shows through in this song and it is nothing less than awesome. Listen to it right here to hear what we are talking about.

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Interview with Taxi Violence about their album Soul Shake

South African Music Taxi Violence

We caught up with lead guitarist from Taxi Violence, Rian Zietsman, to chat about the bands brand new album called Soul Shake and what they expect it to bring to the South African Music scene. The band will also be touring the country to promote the new album, so check out what Rian had to say and see what you ...

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Desmond & the Tutus The Future Music Video

Its been about 3 months since Desmond & the Tutus released their last music video to the South African music market which was for their single “Car Guard Tan”. Now they have just dropped their music video for “The Future”. Filmed on one of their road trips from Johannesburg to Durban and ending off with one of their live sets. ...

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