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Wednesday , 18 October 2017
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South African Music

The best South African musicians are showcased right here on LW Mag! From Band/ Artist interviews, to the hottest gigs, latest music videos and gossip, we’ve got the juice.

Shortstraw Eventually Music Video

The next and final single from the new Shortstraw collective, Those Meddling Kids, has been released. Watch the music video for Eventually here:

After 12 months of releasing a brand new song and video on the first Friday of every month for their new Shortstraw collective, Those Meddling Kids. August sees the final song release, watch the music video for Eventually here:

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Die Antwoord – ZEF TV Teaser

It seems as if Die Antwoord are preparing to release a TV Series called South African Ninja. ZEF TV in the making using videos and movies collected over the last 7 years.

It seems as if Die Antwoord are preparing to release a TV Series called South African Ninja. ZEF TV in the making using videos and movies collected over the last 7 years. Here’s the teaser video the group released, and now we wait to see what the outcome is.

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Van Coke Kartel The Final Interview

Van Coke Kartel performing for their SA Music fans

Van Coke Kartel have gone down as, and will remain, one of the best locally produced rock ‘n roll bands our country has ever seen. After a decade of performing and critically acclaimed success, the band have decided to call it quits. In our final interview with VCK we talk to Francois van Coke about the split, the memories, the achievements and ...

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