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Thursday , 26 April 2018
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The Slashdogs – The Wail Interview

Celebrating 14 years of playing Rock ‘n Roll, as well as the release of their EP, The Wail – is how The Slashdogs have kicked off their 2017. Besides giving them a standing ovation, we thought it would be cool to chat to the band about their achievements and the new EP.
Guitarist, Zam Boney answers our questions below:

The Slashdogs talks rock n roll, the South African music scene and their new EP entitled The Wail

14 years of Slashdogs, what does this milestone mean to you?
I’ve noticed our voices starting to change, as well as developing body and facial hair. In terms of milestones, we can finally attend all the high school dances we want and buy that really sweet PG13 video game.

What have been your standout highlights over the years?
Opening for Ministry was pretty sweet, as was touring Le Reunion Island through Maudit Tangue and releasing our album Progress Through Plunder on 12” vinyl via Permanent Record. But I think nothing can compare to being asked to be the Shivas House Band only a few short days after the owner blamed us for ruining a gig which we were neither booked for, nor attended.

What better way to kick off 2017 than with your new EP, What does the release of The Wail mean to you?
I feel 2017 could have begun better with a regime change and the resignation of our president, but I guess a new Slashdogs’ EP is the next best thing. The Wail represents the huge changes that have happened in our lives since Progress Through Plunder; divorce, death, immigration, sobriety and loss. It’s a cathartic expression of where we’ve been as people for the last four years.

The Slashdogs release their new EP. The Wail

How many tracks does the EP feature and which are your standout singles?
Although I’ve personally never counted the tracks as I have a problem with basic numeracy, I believe there are a total of 5 for your listening and downloading pleasure. I really like Too Close to See – because it is epically long with lots of cool guitar riffs, but I’ve been told that I am wrong about this and Some Kind of Heaven (About George Bacon from Hog Hoggidy Hog) is really the best single on the album and the one people who are not into Slashdogs should download.

How would best explain and compare the tracks on this EP to previous released Slashdogs’ tracks?
Our previous releases can be best animified as a lyger with giant eagle wings who preys on birthing calves in Hermanus during Whale season. The current EP is more like an ancient alien anaconda with mole claws that burrows under your house and feeds on the neighbours pets whilst slowly building a giant spider-like web made entirely of gold.

What can fans expect from The Wail?
Strong songwriting and production, musical variety and maturity, and the eventual discovery of a golden, webbed burrow under their house.

We interview The Slashdogs about their 14 year career and their new EP

This EP will partner with another EP entitled Sirens releasing at the end of the year. Why did you take this approach?
Because it is 2017 and the human race, including but not limited to ourselves, cannot muster the concentration required to engage with anything for more than 45 minutes. Better produced content, more regularly but less densely, is the way of the future and EPs give audiences a better chance to engage with the material and artists a better approach to releasing newer and more consistent work.

What gigs, venues, festivals are you looking forward to performing at this year?
We’re playing the 10th of March at Good Luck Bar with TCIYF, Pollinator and Ruff Majik, and then the 1st of April with an acoustic extravaganza at Stanley Beer Yard during the day and our first gig in Middelburg with Francois Van Coke in the nighty time.

What’s next for the Slashdogs?
A collaboration with Kanye West, our own range of alternative medicines, our own news channel of alternative facts and a set of five matching tattoos of an infinity sign with the word “chicken nuggets” on our wrists.

Any shout-outs?

Rock 'n Roll band The Slashdogs talks the SA music scene and their new EP release

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