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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Scooter101 Round 4 Race Report

Round 4 of the Jonway Gomoto Scooter101 Championship Series was proudly sponsored by Indy oil and they definitely made the V-Town track look factory, thanks to the hard work from Glen and Steve from Sparxs Distribution.

Being Scooter101’s first day/ night race, qualifying got down around 10am for the stock class and 11am for the open class. We all saw the times were a lot slower from the previous round at V-Town due to the cold conditions of the track. The track warmed up very quickly from 12pm onward and the guys got faster.

Scooter Racing
Stock Class Heat 1 proved to be one intense race with an epic battle in the front for 1st and 2nd between Louw and Trevor from team Malossi and the battle for 3rd with Shannon, Gareth and Damien. Trevor and Louw were beating each other up through the corners and made heat 1 an absolute crowd pleaser. Trevor was able to keep Louw behind him through heat 1 and took the win.

Open Class Heat 1 was insane! We learnt very quickly that the more horse power you have the harder it was to stay on the track. All the top riders were finding it hard. Jeremy Pincus from PRD taking a huge fall on lap 4 but got up in a split second and was back on track chasing up the positions again. Brannigan from Team 101 fell just before the main straight trying to stay in front of new comer Superbike rider Brent Harran. This gave Clinton (Team101) and Louw a gap that they could finish their race calmly. Amazingly Jeremy Blasted up back to 3rd place, giving Clint 1st and Louw 2nd.

Scooter Racing
Stock class Heat 2 was just as intense as heat 1. It started with a blast off the line and Trevor getting in the front again. After 3 laps the pressure hit Trev and he landed up losing the front through the right hand sweeps, giving the lead to Louw, and bent bars made his return to the race longer than he anticipated. Ivan and his corner speed helped get him up to 2nd and Gareth got another 3rd place.

Open class heat 2 started off with a jump start from a lot of the guys as the lights were pretty hard to see with the setting sun. After resetting the guys were focused and pulled off the line in a complete storm. 20 modified scooterss screaming is an amazing sound that young and old would appreciate. Brent seemed to have learnt from heat 1 because in heat 2 he was putting down some proper cable and came past the pack from a slow start straight into 3rd place in front of Louw and Bran. Clint and Jeremy battled it out and ended the heat off with Clint in 1st, Jeremy in 2nd and Brent in 3rd. Unfortunately MSA is no longer taking any crap and fined Jeremy for a jump start and placed him back 5 positions giving Brent 2nd and Louw 3rd.

Scooter Racing
At half time the clark of course had called Shannon who finished 4th in stock class to the office and unfortunately told him that he jumped started and was going to lose 5 places in heat 2. This put him down to 8th position after heat 2. I think this gave him more drive because in heat 3 he put down the rubber properly!

Heat 3 Stock class in the dark. The track was cold and it was around 6:30pm now. The track was proving to be slippery again, the times dropped but the race was on fire! Shannon, starting from 8th proved to be a fight but he got off the line like a beast and got up to 3rd place fairly quickly. Louw and Trev were battling it out properly but at the end it seemed to be Louw that took the win again. Trev took 2nd and after a battle between Shannon, Gareth and Ivan, it seemed like Shannon wanted to prove that he was a force to be reckoned with and took 3rd. Unfortunately because of Shannon’s jump start he got 4th overall for the day. Louw took the overall win for the day, Trev got 2nd and first time on the podium Ivan got 3rd place overall.

Open class heat 3 was very similar to stock class where Shannon and Jeremy were in the same boat. Jeremy and Clinton are fighting for the championship and if Jeremy didn’t get proper points Clint would run away with it. It was cold and dark and some riders strapped some lights to the front of their scoots to help them see better. The times definitely slowed down but everyone stayed on and completed heat3 smoothly. Brent’s starts were slow letting Bran and Louw get in front pretty easily but Brent showed off some proper Motard and SBK skills buy passing them back into 3rd place with ease. The race ended with Jeremy Racing his ass off back into 2nd and getting the new track record of 59.9sec on his fastest lap. Clint Kept 1st all night long proving to be the force to reckon with at Vereeniging Kart track.

Scooter Racing
Overall for Open class for round 4 was Clinton Achadinha in 1st place (Team101), New comer Brent Harran 2nd place and Louw Du Toit (Malossi) taking 3rd overall.

Thanks to Jonway Gomoto, Monster Energy, Malossi, Indy Oil, LW Mag, Bandit Signs, Dragon Alliance and Novik Gloves.

Championship standings after round 4 for Stock Class are:
1st – #48 Louw Du Toit
2nd – #55 Trevor Woolfson
3rd – #58 Shannon Anderson
4th – #101 Brannigan Achadinha
5th – #24 Gareth Mark Padayachee
6th – #84 Daniel Anderson
7th – #9 Candy Sidwell
8th – #28 Ivan Breytenbach
9th – #6 Norman Grove
10th – #118 Joshua Du Plessis

Championship standings after round 4 for Open Class are:
1st – #34 Clinton Achadinha
2nd – #2 Jeremy Pincus
3rd – #48 Louw Du Toit
4th – #101 Brannigan Achadinha
5th – #10 Derek Macdougall
6th – #777 Mark Phillips
7th – #33 Johan Le Roux
8th – #60 Justin Parker
9th – #55 Trevor Woolfson
10th – #98 Shaun Portman

Words by Brannigan Achadinha

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