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Monday , 10 December 2018
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Ramp Rodeo Invitational 2 Results

Stop 2 of the Ramp Rodeo BMX and Skate Invitational fueled by Monster Energy took place at the FIA World Rallycross Championship over the weekend. The contest saw the country’s top Skateboarding and BMX athletes go head to head in a jam style contest format.

Saturday morning kicked off with the Skateboarding with 10 of the best skaters competing for their spot in the Top 8 for Sunday’s final and the chance to walk away with R5000 in cash.

Khule Ngubane skateboarding his way to 2nd place at stop 2 of the Ramp Rodeo
Khule Ngubane

In Sunday’s finals skaters mixed it up with a combination of technical lip tricks and bangers over the various features. Khule Ngubane was doing big Air Walks to Fakie on the Mini and Alan Marola was transferring all over the place. Judges were really impressed by Thalente Biyela’s combination of lip tricks and Boneless to Tail Transfers from the Mini Ramp to the Spine.

Thalente Biyela skateboarding his way to victory at stop 2 of the Ramp Rodeo
Thalente Biyela

In the end it was Thalente Biyela who walked away with the 1st place in skate and Khule Ngubane claimed the Best Trick award with his Blunt Double Flip to Fakie on the Mini Ramp.

The level of riding at stop 2 was insane, a few years ago seeing a Flair was a highlight, but now everyone was doing them all over the place.

Malcolm Peters riding his way to 2nd place in the BMX final at stop 2 of the Ramp Rodeo
Malcolm Peters

During the qualifiers huge tricks were being sent on every ramp by all the riders, so much so that it looked like the finals. 4 riders made it through to the semi finals which saw a JHB vs CT battle with Vincent Leygonie and Kyle Kiewiet representing Joburg and Malcolm Peters and Murray Loubser representing Cape Town. All four riders threw down but in the end it was Leygonie and Peters who transferred to the final.

Vincent Leygonie riding his way to victory in the BMX final at stop 2 of the Ramp Rodeo
Vincent Leygonie

Malcolm Peters was his usual smooth self making tricks look way too easy. A hangup on the Spine at the end of his first run would result in an injured hand and a chilled second run for the crowd.
Vincent Leygonie was on form and put down solid runs that saw him cruising through the course, going high as hell and landing all of his big tricks. Leygonie rode the best we’ve ever seen and took a well deserved win.
Malcom Peters claimed the Best Trick award with his dialled 360 Double Whip over the Spine and a Flair Barspin.

Ramp Rodeo Invitational 2 Results

1st Thalente Biyela
2nd Alan Morola
3rd Khule Ngubane
4th Thairiq Makuyi
5th Stefan Jacobs
6th Karl van Antwerp
7th Byron Rhoda
8th Moses Adams (DQ)

#RampRodeo 2 Skateboarding Podium

1st Vincent Leygonie
2nd Malcolm Peters
3rd Murray Loubser
4th Kyle Kiewiet
5th Jason Hood
6th Darren Oatley
7th Guish Guish
8th Francois Bodenstein

#RampRodeo 2 BMX Podium

Photos by Eric Palmer, Grant McLachlan and Wayne Reiche.

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