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Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Local Parkour/Freerunning Sensation – Kundai Murapa

?Parkour – PK and its variation freerunning are definitely terms you should get familiar with. This sensation has swept across Europe and you could say it’s officially “arrived” here in SA thanks to the first mainstream showcasing of parkour at this year’s Mr Price Pro Ballito Beach Festival. We chat to local sports star and parkour/freerunning athlete Kundai Murapa – director of stunt team Sabotage Elite and 2012 Style champion. Everything you need to know about PK and freerunning in SA you can find out from this guy…

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Glaskas Interview

One of SA’s best-known and SAMA-nominated Afrikaans rock bands, Glaskas have just released their 4th studio album. We catch up with the band to talk about the new release, ‘VERGANKLIK EN AFHANKLIK’ and more. Check it out…

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