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Monday , 21 May 2018
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Paul Soderlund Spring 2013 BMX Video & Interview

BMX rider Paul Soderlund has just dropped his “Spring” edit and it is power. Hannes Jansen filmed and edited the video, and captured Paul’s killer riding style which features some impressive backwards manuals to tricks and backward tricks. We think the edit rocks and hooked up a quick interview with Paul to chat to him about it. Check out the video and interview.

How long have you been working on your spring edit?
Hannes Jansen and I have been working on the edit for the last 4-5 months.

Give us the list of spots featured in the video and which of them are your favourite to shred?
Some of the exact locations of the spots in the edit I can’t disclose but I will say that they’re pretty much all in, or near, the Joburg area, ranging from Soweto, Germiston, Pretoria and even Alexandra. They’re all amazing spots in their own way and offer different obstacles for different things we wanted to film.

You have got your backwards manuals dialled, what the hardest thing about getting them perfect?
The hardest part of backwards manuals is maintaining the patience to keep trying them. Most of the time learning them was spent on my back. They’re super tricky and took me ages to feel comfortable doing. I’ve got a lot more to learn with them and a lot more tech lines that I’m pumped to add them into.

Your reverse tricks are also insane. How long have you been working on them and which is your biggest?
I actually rode chainless for a couple of months before getting the freecoaster and it was the perfect training for getting used to the coaster mechanism. I’ve had the freecoaster on my bike for just over 6 months now and won’t be going back anytime soon. The biggest stunts are still to come and with a coaster, the possibilities are endless.

What type of riding do you enjoy the most?
I honestly enjoy any type of riding and really enjoy riding dirt when I get the chance. I’ve been riding a lot of street lately as people often underestimate the quality of street spots this city has to offer. I’ll ride any obstacle as long as I’m with my mates and we’re having a dandy ol’ time.

In your view, what is the Joburg BMX scene and vibe like?
The Jozi BMX vibe is awesome and only seems to be getting better. With more and more new riders coming out of the cracks, there a lot more good sessions to be had and a lot more insane spots to find. It’s one of the perks of living in such a cultural and thus architecturally diverse city.

Paul Soderlund ripping it up in his BMX Spring edit
Which part of the edit is your favourite and why?
I don’t have a particularly favourite part as every clips has its own story behind it with its own challenges. Anything I did going backwards or at high speed was my favourite because it just feels awesome.

What was the hardest part of the edit to get right and capture the way you wanted?
Hannes was on point with the filming and editing of all the clips despite some of the challenges we faced. Getting better angles and better lighting on certain clips was probably the biggest challenge but with his knowledge it all came together quite well.

What was the idea behind the video and what did you want to capture?
The main idea behind the edit was just to put something different out there with a different kind of riding that I hope anyone watching the edit will enjoy. It was a lot of fun filming for the edit and I hope it makes then anyone that sees it want to go out and ride their bikes.

Where do you see the sport of BMX taking you?
I’ve been travelling more over the last couple of years, meeting some really rad people along the way. I’m keen to keep getting to see more of our beautiful country and hopefully someday head overseas to ride some of the spots I’ve only seen in videos. As long as I’m on my bike, pushing myself and having good times with good mates doing so, it can only get better.

Who are your sponsors?
I ride for Salvo Bikes, Evals, Boogaloos and PHD.

Any shout-outs?
Thanks to all my family and friends that have always supported my love for BMX. A massive thanks to the talented, and very patient, Hannes Jansen for filming and putting this edit together and a huge thanks to my sponsors because the edit was only possible because of their support. True Gents!

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