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Sunday , 19 August 2018
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Nick De Wit Talks Nitro Circus Live 2017

Local Freestyle Motocross rider Nick De Wit will be performing at the upcoming Nitro Circus Live SA Tour taking place this month – 21, 25 and 28 October.
We caught up with Nick to get his thoughts on the tour and what we can expect from him.

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We interview Freestyle Motocross rider, Nick de Wit about Nitro Circus Live SA tour

What does Nitro Circus Live coming back to SA mean to you?
Nitro Circus is a huge event for South Africa and it’s awesome that it’s coming back. I am glad to be a part of it and it’s going to be amazing to perform in front of my friends and family on such a big stage.

And being invited back to be part of the show?
Being invited back is a great privilege and it’s going to be fun riding with with these world famous guys.

Nick de Wit talks FMX and Nitro Circus Live

Out of the 3 stops, which city do you looking forward to performing in most?
I think that Johannesburg will be the best for me. With all my friends and family in the crowd, I’m really looking forward to riding in front of them.

What is one of the craziest things you’ve ever experienced during a Nitro Circus Live show?
I have only done the 3 shows, when they were last here in 2015, so I haven’t got that much experience with a Nitro Circus show but I think the coolest part of the show must be in the trains when there are about 10 bikes in the air at the same time.

Nick de Wit talks Freestyle Motocross and Nitro Circus Live

What have been some of your highlights of 2017 thus far?
2017 has been a busy year and the highlight for sure so far has to be when I jumped over Nigel Hopkins at the Wonderboom Adrenaline Show .

What can fans expect from the Nitro Circus Live SA shows? 
Besides the crazy stunts, tricks and riding, Travis Pastrana will be here this time and he is awesome to watch perform as he is an icon in the Action Sports world.

Nac-nac Bakflip with FMX rider Nick de Wit

What can fans expect from you at the Nitro Circus Live SA shows?
I’m going to go out and put on an awesome show. We haven’t discussed the format of the show just yet so it will have to be a surprise.

What has been one of the biggest and/or hardest trick for you to learn?
A lot of tricks are difficult in their own ways but i think from a commitment and an unknown perspective, the Backflip was the hardest. No turning back, just 100% commitment.

Nitro Circus Live comes back to South Africa in October 2017

Which Nitro Circus athlete blows your mind every time you see them perform?
I think Adam Jones and Josh Sheehan.

What would be your reason to not miss Nitro Circus Live?
Being the biggest Action Sports show in the world is a big enough reason!

Meet Freestyle Motocross and Nitro Circus Live rider Nick de Wit

Lastly, any words for your fans?
It’ll be awesome to see you all there and thanks for all the support in all my events that I see you at. You are awesome.

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