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Thursday , 24 May 2018
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National Downhill MTB Cup Series Round 4 Hakahana

Round 4 of the National Downhill MTB Cup Series took place at Hakahana Trails in Gauteng over the weekend. Dry and warm conditions paired with a newly built course made for some interesting and exciting racing.

Christopher Philogene riding his way to victory at Round 4 of the National Downhill MTB Cup Series
Christopher Philogene

Riders were treated to a brand new course that kicked off with a double leading into a gnarly whoop section before heading into the rest of the course featuring drop-offs, rocks, switchbacks and rock gardens. Did we mention rocks?

The technical course made it challenging for riders to link together a perfect run. The seeding runs resulted in a loose and blown out track as riders prepared for their final runs. Those that could master their lines, get through the rock sections clean and keep the momentum throughout their run scored the best times of the day.

Frank Meyer riding his way to 2nd place at Round 4 of the National Downhill MTB Cup Series
Frank Meyer

Christopher Philogene put down the fastest run of the day to take the overall with a time of 1:57,857. Frank Meyer looked on form all weekend long and missed 1st place by a meer 0.112 second to finish in 2nd place with a time of 1:57,969. Cullen McMaster (Junior) was the 3rd quickest on the day with his time of 2:04,895.

A big shout-out goes to all that made this event possible, especially to those that built and made sure the course was ready in time for the national. Round 4 saw a record number of entries, a great result considering this was the first Downhill National held in Gauteng in the past few years.

Cullen McMaster riding his way to 3rd place at Round 4 of the National Downhill MTB Cup Series
Cullen McMaster


Elite Men
1st Christopher Philogene 1:57,857
2nd Frank Meyer 1:57,969
3rd Jonathan Philogene 2:04,895

Elite Women
1st Tasmin Johnston 6:58,751

Junior Men
1st Cullen McMaster 2:02,810
2nd Niko Velasco 2:06,473
3rd Sharjah Jonsson 2:09,624

Sub Vet Men
1st Christopher Pearton 2:10,221
2nd Marnus Swanepoel 2:21,026
3rd Des Ellis 2:21,119

Sub Vet Women
1st Phia van der Meulen 3:15,675
2nd Michelle Reynolds 3:31,624
3rd Louise Kotze 3:37,268

Vets Men
1st Craig Seaward 2:17,488
2nd Jason Hall 2:23,614
3rd Grant Eagles 3:03, 419

Vets Women
1st Sonja Engelbrecht 2:47,941

1st Alastair Brand 2:38,886
2nd Guy Wentzel 4:06,831

Youth Men
1st Kayle Seaward 2:10,543
2nd Connor Finnis 2:20,335
3rd Maximillion Wolfson 2:25,391

Youth Women
1st Sabine Thies 2:29,525

Junior Boys
1st Kyle Brand 2:39,614
2nd Alexander Sweidon 2:51,443
3rd Tim Groenewald 2:54,811

Junior Girls
1st Charlotte Wolfson 3:27,334

Sprogs Boys
1st Keagan Brand 2:39,036
2nd Nate Hall 2:43,589
3rd Liam Hall 2:49,582

Nipper Boys
1st Benjamin Wolfson 4:18,254

Photos by Michael Allen Photography.

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