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Monday , 26 February 2018
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Metzeler MC360 Motocross Tyre

Metzeler’s new MC360 tyres are now available in South Africa, and in two technical specs namely the MID SOFT and the MID HARD. Designed for Motocross, Supercross, Cross-Country and Enduro.

Meet Metzeler's new motocross tyre, the MC360

Metzeler MC360 MID SOFT

-The optimal choice for soft terrains such as sand, mud and soft ground.
-High level of traction, dynamic performance, resistant to cuts and tearing.
-New compounds improve tearing resistance and provide excellent performance and stability.
-Alternated cut knobs for progressive cornering.
-Parabola-shaped center knobs maximize carving and traction on soft and mid-soft terrain.
-Reversible tread pattern, tyre can be reversed at any time.
-Tread design self cleans tyre from debris.

Metzeler MC360 MID HARD

-The perfect tyre for medium and hard terrain such as hard-pack, rocks and roads.
-High level of traction, dynamic performance, resistant to cuts and tearing.
-New compounds improve tearing resistance and provide excellent performance and stability.
-CKB (Continuous Knob Binding) improves tear and wear resistance of the knobs.
-Larger block size to increase contact patch.
-Alternated cut-knob for outstanding durability.
-Reversible tread pattern, tyre can be reversed at any time.
-Street legal range to ride both on dirt and on road.

Metzeler MC360 Motocross tyre now available in South Africa

Bruce Will from ASAP Racing recently had the chance to ride and test the MC360 tyres. This is what he had to say.
“Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set of the new MC360 tyres by Metzeler. I got in a set of the MID SOFTs and put them onto our demo Husqvarna TC250.

The first ride out on these tyres was at Terra Topia Motocross track. The track was quite wet in the morning and the first few laps quite slippery. The tyres did very well in the wet and offered plenty traction. As the track dried up and became loamier, the traction became even more impressive. As the two-stroke would come into its powerband, and the rear wheel would light up, and the rear tyre still managed to find lots of traction.

The front tyre offered loads of confidence when it was pushed hard into turns. It also gripped very well in the soft loamy turns, and had a strong feel during hard breaking. I can highly recommend this tyre for the motocross track.

My second ride out was a dry Maraisburg outride. We rode lots of hard-pack roads and soft sandy paths as well as some steep hill-climbs. Once again, the tyres performed outstandingly. The rear tyre would dig through the deep soft sand and manage to find traction with ease. With quite a lot of wheel spin in the soft sand on the steep climbs, the rear tyre did really well to hook up where the traction was down to a minimum. The front tyre did really well in the soft sand too, it tracked very well and felt stable at high speeds with a really nice feel under hard braking.

After the two good sessions of riding, the tyre showed very little wear on the knobs. The beauty with this new tyre from Metzeler is that you can rotate it and run it in any direction. This will help you extend the life of the tyre. I feel the MC360 will suite a broad spectrum of riders from top motocross pro’s to enduro and off-road riders, and weekend warriors alike. The tyre will cover a large spectrum of riding terrain, from sand to mud to loamy, to rocky and hard pack terrains.”

For more info, contact Metzeler South Africa on 087 943 8732, visit their Website and Facebook Page.

Info on the Metzeler MC360 Motocross Tyres
Metzeler MC360 Soft and Hard motocross tyres

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