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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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LW Babe Shene Barkley

We’re at a loss for words at just how damn fine our LW Babe of the Week, Shene Barkley is. So, we’ll let you get to know her in our interview below, while eyeballing her photo set. Enjoy!
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Meet our LW Babe of the Week, Shene Barkley

Full name: Shene Barkley

Nickname: Neytjie

Age: 24 years young

Hometown: Currently living in Alberton Gauteng

Day job: Teacher, Au pair and student because, well independence

Likes: Wine, gangster rap, sushi, squats and books. Did I say Carbs.

Dislikes: Small talk, the treadmill and an alarm clock. I genuinely cannot deal with alarms, I dislike them so much I actually set about 4.

Special talents: Smart should count as one. I can run pretty fast if needed as I used to be a sprinter. Public speaker if i can say so myself and I read body language pretty well

Our South African Babes feature with Shene Barkley

Give us the ins and outs of Shene Barkley?
An Afrikaans lady who grew up in a house with strict rules, I am grateful for this though. I am a very old soul that is irritatingly busy for some people. I cannot sit still or keep quiet for long durations of time. I laugh from my stomach all the time, so much so that I sometimes laugh so hard tears stream down my cheeks. I am an only child and no I’m not spoilt I have worked very hard for everything I have and achieved. Oh, how I love a challenge. Im not a natural blonde and yes I take way too many selfies. Does not like rules and instructions, definitely does not follow them. Has free will that is a very strong will. Tell me to do something and I’ll do the opposite. I speak fluent sarcasm. When I love I love hard. My favourite word is resilient. Very stubborn but  I wear my heart on my sleeve. Very territorial with the people in my life. No, I don’t like sharing. ‘’only child syndrome”. I enjoy being in pyjamas, eating cheat meals often. I cannot play “poppie” everyday. I have no time for stupidity and with that comes little patience. The fuse in this one is very short. I love unplanned evenings and spontaneous trips. The only time I am unsure of myself is when I’m ordering off a menu at a restaurant. I like long romantic walks on the beach. I am such a hopeless Romantic.

What have been your highlights of 2017 so far, and what are you still looking forward to?
Not going to lie, its been rough, however my growth game… I am looking forward to getting my second degree the end of this year. Six years of studying takes its toll on you.

Our SA Babes feature with Shene Barkley

Your pros and cons of studying in Potch? 
Pros: The vibe amongst the students. Everything was always good in potch. Gummy bear juice. The “sokkies” in Impala,. Everything is cheaper in Potch. Zero responsibilities. all you have to do is pass. Pappa en mamma paid.
Cons: Very little sleep. Huge amounts of heartbreaks. Last minute cramming sessions. The noise. People never wore shoes. Many men thought they were farmers with daddies Land Cruiser. The mall is very limited. Parking is a problem. Laundry.

Potch is known for hosting some crazy parties. Which has been your craziest?
Honestly, it is very difficult to say. Potch nights are always big and each party brings something new the next day to laugh about. There’s this one weekend in potch that lasts two days called Jool and to say the least it was “joolig”. Waking up in your flat with your doors wide open and your mattress in the TV room is pretty standard. Followed by missing the next two days of University classes was the best decision you could’ve made for everyone around you.

What are your top 5 favorite travel destinations?
Mauritius – The white beaches clear oceans and full board cocktails.
Dubai – The night life and public transport.
Cape town – Nothing better than sitting with an oversized hat with Table mountain behind you and the ocean in front of you. A spice route never killed nobody. Wine pairing, snacks, selfies, Merlot.
A place called “Hartenbos” in the Cape – It’s an Afrikaans thing.
A little gem called Clarens – Theres something about the “arty-farty” town in the mountains with the sweetest Cafés where the reception is minimal and the wooden fires are constantly burning.

Our South African Girls feature with Shene Barkley

Which day of the week is your favorite?
Friday. Nothing like a Friday feeling, knowing that I don’t have to set an alarm for tomorrow. My weekends start early at exactly 2:15 to say the least, so much free time for activities. Nothing like shaking off responsibilities for another 48hours.

If you could be anything for one day, what/who would you be and what would you get up to?
I would like to be the billionaire version of myself, sailing on a  private yacht in Greece, sipping on Moët in a great bikini, wearing no makeup, beach hair, with no cellphone reception, eating fresh seafood – nothing like a good catch of the day (living off the land).

What male attributes do you find yourself attracted to?
Nothing like a man that not only looks good and smells good but can actually have an intellectual conversation. There comes a time when you don’t want to speak about protein shakes and biceps. Yes, I can see you gym but tell me, can you think? On a contradictory note, nothing like a good quad to calve ratio and a degree.

Our SA Girls feature with Shene Barkley

What type of guy do you see yourself tying the knot with?
A man with a vision for the future. A man whom is not static but constantly thrives to be better. A man that’s hardworking and has no problem getting his hands dirty. I need someone who, as they say, is home and an adventure all at once. Someone who I can laugh with forever but I take seriously. Cliché I know but that’s what I want. A man that displays the type of respect towards me that he gives his mother. Just to add some spice, a bad boy with a good heart. On a simpler note, someone who can offer me more than their Instagram account [laughs].

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I definitely see myself happily married, key here is being happy. Hopefully with a little bambino here or on their way. I’m a real mamma. Growing up with my parents still together, that is something that I’ve always wanted. Being financially stable has never made anyone unhappy either. I’d like to have stamps in my passport like collectables.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
I am petrified of the dark. I do not walk into a house that has no lights. Even when I go to bed at night I switch on all the lights along my route so that I do not walk in the dark. I am a level 100 insomniac. I am happy when I get at least 4 hours of sleep, thank gosh my days are longer so that I get more time to get everything done. I don’t like being alone at all. Theres so many people, why must I be in isolation?

What’s the next thing on your bucket list that you’re hoping to tick off?
Travelling with my best friend to Bali in December.

Shene Barkley features as this week's LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you mention:

Blondes? Maintenance, dry shampoo, wild.

Brunettes? Make the best friends and work in corporate, jokes.

Hump day? Gluteal flexion.

Turn ons? Tattoos, great cologne.

Lingerie? All black, La Senza.

Adrenaline? Fast cars, heights, exciting relationships [laughs].

Photos by Renier van der Westhuizen.

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