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Thursday , 29 June 2017
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LW Babe of the Week Rozell

We introduce this week’s LW Babe of the Week, the sexy, raven haired Rozell. Check out our interview with this professional dancer as we chat to her about sports, sexiness, model shoots and more. We’d just like to state that “Hot pants and a tank top” is damn sexy in our books!

Full Name: Rozell van der Merwe

Nickname: Zellie, Zella or previously known as Mini-bitch
Age: 23

Hometown: Roodepoort

Machine of Choice: Uhmmmm.. does a blackberry count as a machine? Lol!

Drink of Choice: Cosmopolitan

You are stranded in an abandoned city. What would be the first thing you do?
Cry!? Lol… No! I really have no idea but I’m imagining something like a scene out of Resident Evil!

How would you make the best of the situation?
Break into the nearest clothing store and try on everything!

Tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
I appear to be the strong confident model/ dancer, but there is a different side to me that you don’t ever get to see on stage or in a photo. I’m actually very shy and down to earth! At first people normally perceive me as a bitch! (that’s where the nickname comes from) but I’m a real softy at heart!

Would you say you are a party animal?
Yip! I love a regular night out with the girls, pink drinks, a couple of strawberry lips shooters and dancing till my feet hurt.

Do you have any party tricks? Explain?
Not really… but I have this thing I do with my feet on the dance floor, kinda like a shuffle gone south hehe.

What has been the sexiest shoot you have been in?
The shoot with Supermodels SA.

What about the shoot made you feel sexy?
It was actually my first, but I guess being in front of the camera and “turning on” your sexiness for the first time got me hooked, it felt great!

How do you feel when there are lots of crew on the shoot? Intimidated, comfortable or do you like the fact that the attention is on you?
Like a superstar… just kidding. I wouldn’t say that I like all the attention on me but I like feeling important and having a purpose in life, so it feels pretty awesome.

Would you ever do a naked shoot?
No, I believe that there are lots of other ways of being sexy than taking off your clothes.

Do you prefer dance music or rock music?
Dance music.

Do you prefer the conventional sports to alternative sports?
I love watching Rugby with the boys!

Have you ever tried any alternative sports? If not, what would you like to try?
I haven’t really done anything extreme, being a professional dancer that takes up a lot of my free time Dancing in high heels is just about as extreme as it gets for me haha, but I’d like to be a Pro in quad biking! I’ll try that someday… and surfing!

Do you prefer sleeping in PJ’s, lingerie or naked?
Hot pants and a tank top. Does that qualify as PJ’s?! I hope not, very ‘un-sexy’

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