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Friday , 22 June 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Riana

It is our pleasure to introduce one of South Africa’s sexiest babes and our LW Babe of the Week, Riana Roberts. It has been a while since Riana has graced the pages of LW Mag and we have to admit that she is looking hotter than ever! Riana recently did a shoot with the great guys from Manic Creations and we have the photo gallery and behind the scenes video here for your viewing pleasure. Oh…and don’t forget our interview with the belter.

LW Babes Riana Roberts
Full Name: Riana Roberts

Hometown: Parys

Nationality: South African

Day Job: Interior Designer

South African Babes
It’s been some time since we’ve featured you on LW Mag. How have you been and what has been happening in the life of Riana?
Nothing exciting just been travelling and working hard.

You also featured in our 2011 Calendar – what was that experience like?
It was amazing, Thank you LW Mag for the opportunity.

Your resent shoot with Manic Creations is hot-as-hell –what was it like shooting with the Manic Creations team?  
It was really awesome working with the Manic Creations team, they are super talented & very professional.

Where did the shoot take place?
At The Munro Boutique Hotel.

SA Babes

“Fun down to earth guys with rugged looks and a great sense of humour”

Which outfit do you think you looked the sexiest in?
I liked all the outfits.

You are one of the Hexagon Girls for EFC Africa – what are the perks of being one of the hexagon girls?
Having a front row seat.

EFC Africa 20 fight night is coming on the 27 June – which fights are you looking forward to the most and who do you think is going to win those fights?
Ioannou VS Madge. I think Ioannou will win.

LW Babes
Who would you say is your favourite EFC Africa fighter?
Darren Daniel.

Is that because of his looks or because of his skill in the cage?

What do you enjoy the most about fight night?
The main fights.

Would you say you are attracted to the “Bad Boy” image?
No, not at all.

LW Babes
What does it for Riana Robert when it come to the opposite sex?
Fun down to earth guys with rugged looks and a great sense of humour.

How often do you work out to keep your body looking so good, and what type of training do you enjoy?
I work out 3 times a week. I enjoy Yoga & Pilates.

What part of your body do you think is the sexiest?
My eyes.

Follow the beautiful Riana Roberts on Twitter.

Behind the scenes on the Manic Creations shoot with Riana Roberts video:

Photography and Videography by Manic Creations.
Location: The Munro Boutique Hotel
Make-up: Michelle Faber Make-up

Photo Gallery:

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