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Saturday , 26 May 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Lee-Ann

The stunning Lee-Ann Roberts is one busy lady who loves what she does, and what she does is amazing, especially looking unbelievably sexy in front of the camera. We are super proud to bring Lee-Ann to you as our LW Babe of the Week.
Together with Dan Mace, Lee-Ann recently released a fashion short film which we’ve also featured here for you to enjoy. We spoke to the sexy South African babe about the film, her career and more…see what she had to say:

Lee-Ann Roberts is our featured LW Babe of the Week
Full name: Lee-Ann Roberts

Nickname: Leechi

Age: 25

Hometown: Durban

Day job: Model, Radio DJ & Presenter, Lee-Ann Roberts Productions and ambassador to a few brands.

Party trick: Can move my ears , even one at a time [laughs]

Phobias: Frogs

Claim to Fame: Winning the Face of Lee Jeans

The sexy South African babe Lee-Ann Roberts
Tell us about your short film that has just been released. How did it come about and what were you trying to capture?
The short film was an experiment for both myself and Dan Mace. Dan approached me and said he wanted to make something beautiful and that he wanted to do it with me. The film doesn’t have any specific narrative structure; it’s simply driven by the imagery. Dan was experimenting with working with a model so we decided to work together with this as I wanted video footage for my site and work and I am truly happy with the end result.

What was it like working with Dan Mace and how long did you film for?
Dan is great, he really knows what he’s doing. He’s got it and is going to go far. We have been friends for a long time so it was easy and fun to shoot together. We shot over 2 days from around midday.

What were some of the locations you shot at and what was your favourite part about shooting the short film?
Some of the locations we shot were Camps Bay for the Bedroom and pool scene, the street bridge  scene was in Milnerton,  the studio scene was shot at Panavision and  the beach was shot in Bakhoven.  I loved shooting all of it, all are so very different which shows versatility and depth. I also learnt so much about shooting film and I defiantly think it’s a great direction and I think that’s where the future could be heading.  Its real, and shows you the exact picture and feeling, no photoshop is used , just everything in its natural form.

How different was it posing for video instead of photo?
Not too much of a difference as when I’m working I guess, it’s all the same, only difference is with a camera you just click click click and choose the best at the end. With film you need to take several takes of the same scene to make sure you have something perfect and safe shots in case something doesn’t work. I love film as it shows interaction and the person watching it can feel a part of it as well, which I think is great.

Anything funny or embarrassing happen during filming?
There were so many funny moments, wouldn’t say embarrassing as I don’t get embarrassed easily, plus I was working with friends so the whole shoot was a laugh in a good way, cracking jokes and just having a good time.

You have traveled to a few different countries this year for various shoots. Which has been your highlight and why?
Defiantly Maldives which was recently, I have always wanted to go and got the chance while shooting for the latest FHM Cover shoot with Anton Robert. The Islands are beautiful, it’s just a magical little place full of exquisite  sites.

Lee-Ann proving South African babes are sexy

“I enjoy everything I do, be it fashion, swimwear or film. It’s my job and I love what I do so I don’t  feel sexier doing one over the other”

What country that you have visited has been your favourite?
I always get asked this question and find it so difficult as each country is unique in its own way. Like the islands are beautiful and relaxing with so many under water sightseeing, then there are places like France which I love for the architecture, and then places like India and Vietnam are amazing for culture. I love experiencing it all, not just the beautiful picture. I enjoy learning about other cultures and joining in on them too. There is nothing better.

What type of shoots do you enjoy doing the most and feel the sexiest doing?
I enjoy everything I do, be it fashion, swimwear or film. It’s my job and I love what I do so I don’t  feel sexier doing one over the other.

In your opinion, what makes a model portray sex appeal in her shoot photos?
Just being themselves and giving your best at all times, interacting with the lens is very important and to feel it, it’s all in the eyes..modelling isn’t as easy as it looks.

You have featured in Playboy. What was the experience of being completely naked in front of the camera like?
[Laughs] I wasn’t completely naked, I shot it with Anton Robert who I’ve worked with a few times so I was completely comfortable and turned out beautifully.

SA Babes are top class
Explain a day in the life of Lee-Ann Roberts?
Gym first thing, then its appointments, meetings, fitting, castings, DJ lessons, my show, The Heat with Lee-Ann Roberts, which is on Tuesdays 4-6pm and lots of errands as I’m busy with so many things at the moment. Busy busy busy and I love it.

How naughty can Lee-Ann Roberts actually be?
Oooh, I think I’m an Angel.

What type of guy does it for you?
A guy with a sexy smile, intellect and a good sense of humour.

What’s next for Lee-Ann Roberts?
At the moment working on my radio show with Mutha FM, as well as my music, learning to DJ. Travelling a lot for work. I’m so blessed to be able to experience so many beautiful places through my work. I am also working on my own company, Lee-Ann Roberts productions. So basically will have everything I have to offer be it presenting, modelling, acting etc , and still in talk of my own label, but won’t give all the details out just yet. So in all, working, building a brand, travelling and having some fun in between. Also getting a lot more involved with my charities I support as there’s nothing better than the feeling of giving back and helping where I can. Looking at going to LA for a bit as well as I have some work there, very excited. Don’t know why but that place is calling my name.

Photos by Anton Robert, Kassandra De Araújo, Torne Velk, Jacques Du preez, Vaughan Treyvellan, George Katsanakis and Joseph Ou.

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