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Saturday , 21 April 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Kylene

In our opinion, Kylene Weyers is the pinnacle of South African babes. Sexy, down to earth, smart, into action sports, a dancer, confident and comfortable in her own skin… the whole package. We are proud to bring her to you as our LW Babe of the Week. And yes Kylene, we’d pretty much do anything to join you on your summer holiday.

Meet Kylene, our LW Babe of the Week
Full name: Kylene Weyers

Nickname: Ky

Age: 24

Hometown: Johannesburg

Day job: Law student/Model/Dancer

Party trick: I will get the whole room to dance on the table with me, and down a drink pretty fast while I do it!

Phobia: Parktown Prawns.. I’ll run a mile.

Claim to fame: Miss South Africa semi-finalist 2011, Winner of the National Model of the Year.

The pinnacle of South African babes is Kylene Weyers
We last worked with you when you featured in our 2011 LW Mag Calendar, it’s great to have you back and featured on the pages of LW. What has been happening in the life of Kylene since then?
It’s always great to come on board with the LW Mag team! You guys are lil legends. Life has been one awesome ride thus far. I signed with Boss Models in 2011 and since then my modeling career really picked up. I have done some awesome modeling jobs over the years. I am also a dancer and the fabulous life of dancing has kept me busy. I have also been teaching professional modeling and personal development courses, as well as directing certain events. Academically, I have just finished my third degree. I did a BCom Law, an LLB, and my Masters in Commercial Law. Life is pretty rocking.

The photos in this feature are from your shoot with Jacques du Preez and we are loving the rock star feel. What was the shoot experience like?
Jacques himself is a rock star- hence the rock star feel. The shoot was awesome. We met up at the studio and just played around with different concepts and looks. It was a very fun, relaxed shoot and we just spontaneously put some outfits together and worked it.

The sexy SA Babe Kylene is our LW Babe of the Week

“I’m a good girl, with a naughty side”

Compared to some of the other shoots you have done, how do you rate this one?
I have been privileged to work with some really incredible photographers in my modeling career and each photographer has his/her own unique style. This shoot was rad because I was laughing the whole day. Jacques cracks a lot of jokes in between shots. It’s great.

What goes through your mind when you are in front of the camera and you need to turn on the sex appeal?
For me it’s more about how I’m feeling, rather than what I’m thinking. I think every woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin has sex appeal. I feel confident in my own skin. I love to rock in front of the camera.

Have you got anything exciting planned for the summer holidays?
In two weeks I am leaving on a European Contiki holiday with my sister. We’ll be doing Spain, France, Monaco, Vatican City and Italy. I can’t wait to explore! And then I’ll be going to Jeffreys Bay, bring on the waves and sunshine. Wanna join?

Kylene showing whi she is one of the hottest South African babes
If you could choose any destination in the world to go on holiday to with 4 celebrities, where would you go and which celebrities would you take with?
I would go to Hawaii. I’m a beach baby, and I would take Kelly Slater (Surfer), Luigi Cani (Skydiver), and Ricky Charmichael (Motocross rider) because I am an adrenaline-junky and I would spend my days surfing, skydiving and exploring off-road. I have been skydiving before and did the Bloukrans bungee jump. You haven’t lived until you’ve done it.

Do you consider yourself a good girl or a bad girl?
I’m a good girl, with a naughty side!

What’s the worst pick-up line a guy has used on you?
In my opinion all pick-up lines are bad. They are lame. A guy just needs to approach a girl and start conversation. Genuineness and confidence is sexy.

Explain your personality in 5 words?
Adventurous, Passionate, Ambitious, Intellectual and Free-Spirited.

Kylene Weyers is our featured LW babe od the Week

Finish these sentences:

The mile high club…
Is on my bucket list.

Adult shops are…

My sexiest lingerie consists of…
something only my boyfriend knows.

A guys…is an instant turn on.
sense of humour and intelligence

I think my…are the sexiest part of my body…
eyes… eyes are the windows to the soul.

Photos by Jacques Du Preez Photography

Photo Gallery:

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