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Friday , 27 April 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Jade Fairbrother!

Playboy Playmate of the year 2012, Jade Fairbrother is our LW Babe of the week and we couldn’t be more proud to have such a gorgeous hottie grace our pages. Not a shy person, Jade has no problem with nudity in front of anyone and posing naked for her September 2011 Playboy shoot was a breeze but she admits that the spiders in the jungle made her squeal.
See what else we had to talk to Jade about in our interview and we’re pretty sure you will enjoy the photos of this sexy as can be lady…wait – we know for a fact that you will enjoy the photos!

Full Name: Jade Fairbrother


Hometown: Cape Town

Machine of Choice: Mercedes (The best or nothing). I have the new C Coupe and I love it!

Turn-ons: Built and healthy, ambition and humour, confidence and success.

Turn-offs: Bad language, biting nails, smoking, long hair, being unshaven and lacking common decency.

You are Playboys Playmate of the year 2012. What has the experience been like and what does it entail?
The experience is one which I will never forget and I doubt will ever be trumped. I have travelled extensively nationally with Playboy and will also be travelling internationally soon too. Being Playmate of the Year is a huge honour and prestige presented to only one Playmate from the previous year, with the title comes big responsibilities. Appearances and events as well as being the leading brand ambassador for the brand and a role model for the new Playmates of 2012.

What are the perks of being a Playboy Playmate?
There are so many! We have been so fortunate to have been sponsored so many wonderful gifts, from clothing and jewellery to electronics and weekends away. Becoming a Playmate has forever changed my life!

Was posing for Playboy the first time that you had posed naked? If not, what did you pose for previously?
Playboy was the first time I posed naked which was an exhilarating and fun experience, while being daunting at the same time because of the extras (+/- 20 guys) which were on my Miss September 2011 shoot.

Did you feel comfortable posing naked in front of the playboy photographer and crew?
Of course, I am not a shy person to begin with so I have no issues with nudity in front of anyone. However, even so, the crew on the Playboy shoots are so professional that even if you were self-conscious you would soon feel confident and comfortable.

What was the scariest part about posing for Playboy?
The spiders on my Playmate of the Year shoot, I am such a scare-dy cat that I was squealing in the jungle!

Is nude photography an art form or an entertainment venue? Or can it be both?
I think it is art which gives entertainment to some individuals.

Explain the feeling when fans ask you to sign their copies of playboy with your feature in it?
I absolutely love it; they make me feel proud and so good about myself! It brings me great pleasure being able to ‘give back’ in that way for all of the support they have given me.

What do you think you chances are of posing for Playboy international? And would that be a dream come true?
I think my chances would be greater when I am in LA visiting the Mansion and I certainly will look into, it would be an amazing opportunity which I’d love to have!

What’s your take on “Frisky Friday”?
I understand the concept behind it but I don’t take it seriously or do it for the reason intended. So I do my own thing, often my pictures aren’t even as per the ‘Frisky Friday’ requirements – but as I am not seriously competing on the charts or to be scouted; so I don’t care. It is all for fun and for the fans.

Do you have any tattoos and what are your thoughts of them on both guys and girls?
I have four tattoos, that is where I have drawn the line for myself. Anymore would be overkill. I like tattoos in moderation, on guys and girls.

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you?
Gym; I may be wearing tight clothes but I am there on a mission and don’t really want to have someone flirting with me while I am panting and sweating over kettle bells.

What’s the best and most creative pick-up line you have ever heard?
I have actually never had anyone use a pick-up line on me. I think guys would know better to approach me with such nonsense.

What approach is most likely to work with you?
Straight forward without the arrogance, I don’t like to beat around the bush – tell it to me how it is. I appreciate openness and honesty.

Have you ever been in a situation where two guys are competing for your attention? Who won and why?
I am very fair in that regard, I would never want someone to feel left out or less about themselves, so I ensure to give my undivided attention to someone before moving on to the next conversation.

What has social media done for you in terms of promoting yourself?
Social media is huge nowadays, it is the way in which we communicated and becoming the leading way in which brands promote themselves, such as I do. I rely on social media in everything I do, I am always online!

We’re sure you’ve had some weirdo requests and messages sent to you. Can you share the weirdest ones with us?
I’ve had overseas trips offered to me with the expectation of dates and flings. People who have requested sex or a friend I might know for them to date. I’ve had plenty of nudes sent to me from men, most of which are not flattering. Guys are always asking for my number or ‘BBM pin’!

What crowd did you hang with in high school?
I bounced around a bit to see where I fit best but decided I was better off doing my own thing, at which point some followed suit with me and we made our own group which grew and grew…we thought we were cool.

What’s under you bed?
Nothing but the floorboards, besides being quite low to the ground, I am a neat freak – so there is certainly nothing straying under there.

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