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Saturday , 26 May 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Anouk

Sophisticated and sexy with a dare-devil, party-animal side to her. This explains our LW Babe of the Week, Anouk Pretorius. An outgoing Pretoria babe that sets out to achieve her goals, loves fashion and has no problem getting the party started as well as ending it. Check out our interview with this gorgeous lady.

LW Babes
Full name: Anouk Pretorius

Nickname: Nuki

Age: 21

Day Job: Model and full time Journalism student

Hometown: Pretoria

Music of choice: I listen to absolutely anything from Katie Malua to Katy Perry everything except heavy mental.

Shooter of choice: Cookies and Cream

Party Trick: I don’t really have a specific party trick but I am a very good pool player so I guess hitting in two balls at once can be considered my party trick [laughs]

Claim to fame: International model and face of club DropZone

LW Babes
Give us some insight to the personality of Anouk?
I am a very outgoing person, I love taking on new challenges and accomplishing them. I’m very ambitious, I will work hard until I achieve my chosen goal, with that said I must say I am a bit of a party animal too, I usually start a party and end it as well.

What about modeling attracts you to it?
I have a very big love for fashion so that is definitely one of the main attractions and also as Tyra Banks said “modeling is a stepping stone, it opens so many doors to a lot of exciting opportunities”

Where are some of the places in the world you have visited to shoot at?
I have worked in India, Dubai and Seychelles.

Which was your favourite and why?
Definitely India, it is a country with so much culture and raw beauty.

SA Babes

“I am more of a dare-devil, I love trying new things and being spontaneous, you only live once”

What type of look do you think you portray in from of the camera?
I wouldn’t say I have a specific look in front of the camera, in fact photographers have said it is one of my best qualities that I  am able to portray lots of different looks well in front of the camera whether it is sexy, sophisticated, girl next door, etc.

How does this compare to what you are like in person?
In person I’m actually the same, I have lots of different sides to me, some days I feel sexy other days I feel like doing something different.

Are you more of a dare-devil or the girl next door?
I am more of a dare-devil, I love trying new things and being spontaneous, you only live once!

South African Babes
What do you love most about South African men?
The respect they have for woman. Obviously you get your odd one out, but in general SA guys have a lot more respect for woman in comparison to other countries I have visited.

What are 5 things listed on your bucket list?
1 – going to New York for modeling
2 – Meeting Madonna
3 – Buy my own Jeep cash
4 – Star in a movie
5 – Model for Dolce and Gabanna.

Tell us a dirty secret?
I can Pole dance.

LW Babes

Finish these sentences:

A guy… gets me hot and bothered?
in a suit

The best time to flaunt my sexy lingerie is…
During a fashion show.

My ultimate pleasure would be…
to shop in Milan with an unlimited amount of money

The bigger the…

My ultimate fantasy includes…
includes seeing the world in one month.

Photos by Supermodels SA
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