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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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LW Babe of the Week Anesca

Meet the sexy and petite Anesca Swart, our LW Babe of the Week. We last brought you Anesca in our 2012 LW Mag Calendar, now looking sexier than every we thought it would just be wrong not to bring her to you again. Have a read through our interview with this South African babe while eyeballing her hotness in the featured photos.

South African Babes Anesca Swart showing why she is one of the sexiest
Full name: Anesca Swart

Nickname: Nescafe

Age: 25

Hometown: Johannesburg

Dayjob: Economist

Party Trick: Twirking real good! [laughs]

Phobia: Nothing, I’m quite chilled and I’ll try everything first before I develop a phobia.

Claim to fame: 2012 LW Mag Calendar, FHM Models Top 5 and then 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Anesca Swart is our Featured LW Babe of the Week
Welcome back to the pages of LW Mag Anesca, you are looking better than ever! What has been going on in the life of Anesca since we last featured you in our 2012 Calendar?
I can still remember that awesome day of shooting and how amazing the calendar turned out! To be quite honest, I’ve worked more on my career in the last few months and I’ve been doing a bit of wedding planning for my wedding next year! But I really want to do a few new shoots in due course.

How do you keep is such good shape?
Luckily I have a very health conscious fiancé and we go to gym together six times a week. I do weight training and follow a strict diet. Not easy, but totally worth it.

Summer holiday are finally here. What are your plans?
A lot of tanning for sure. Oh, and of course consistent shopping throughout the holidays. Resting up and strategizing for 2014.

Anesca is one of the hottest SA Babes

“I can’t kiss and tell now can I! If it was fun and I got away with it, surely I will again”

What memories or feeling does the festive season bring to you?
A feeling of gratitude and positive spirit. Realizing afresh how important family and loved ones are. Always a cheery feeling!

What would be your ultimate holiday and who would you take with you?
I’ll be having my ultimate holiday next year during my honeymoon on an island with my new hubby. I want sun, sea and luxury!

What type of guy gets the attention of Anesca?
Growing a little older myself, I’ve realized that maturity is quite intriguing as well as a good self esteem and a sense of humour.

Anesca is one of the hottest South African Babes
They say petite girls are the feisty ones, what’s your take on this?
I think red heads are the feisty ones [laughs]. I think it differs from person to person. Perhaps what is lacked in physical size is made up for in personality characteristics! I myself am a really chilled person.

What’s one of the naughtiest things you have done and would you do it again?
I can’t kiss and tell now can I! If it was fun and I got away with it, surely I will again.

What does a day in your life consist of?
It’s quite boring. I spend the most of the day at the office and sometimes I’ll attend a casting or go shopping. Then it’s off to gym and preparing my meals for the next day. Quite a routine. New challenges everyday though.

What plans do you have for 2014?
Firstly I’m getting married. I also want to get back into pageants, maybe participate in a fitness show, get more involved in charity projects and be the best inspiration I can be for other ladies.

Anesca is one of the hottest South African Girls

Finish these sentences:

“The thought of… makes me aroused…”
my fiancé… I’m a hopeless romantic!

“I blush when…”
I get a compliment on my personality.

“A guys…is an instant turn on”
good dress sense

“My sexiest outfit is…”
my pencil skirt, white blouse, glasses and high heels.

“Sex toys…”
scare the crap out of me! [laughs] I’d rather think of creative ways to spice things up.

Photos by Kevin Mark Pass, Deon van Wyk, Johann Du Toit and Dan Parker.

Photo Gallery:

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