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Monday , 22 October 2018
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LW Babe Clarice Berteyn

Here at LW Mag we consider ourselves adrenaline junkies, so you can imagine the smiles on your faces when we found out that our LW Babe of the Week likes anything that gives her an adrenaline rush. She’s also damn sexy (obviously) and she’s a pilot – bonus points! Meet Clarice Berteyn in her full feature here.

Clarice Berteyn features as our LW Babe of the Week

Full name: Clarice Berteyn

Nickname: Clari

Age: 24

Hometown: Brits North-West

Day job: Full time student (Commercial Pilot License)

Likes: Dachshunds, pizza, shopping, speed, anything that gives me an adrenaline rush, photos, sunny days, being outdoors, laughing out loud, spending time with the people who matter to me, flying , drinking wine, traveling, being content, succeeding, lazy Sundays and afternoon naps (probably my most fav)

Dislikes: Tomatoes, slow wifi, people who don’t use their indicators when in a traffic circle, people who are full of themselves and take themselves too seriously, dishonesty, animal abusers, setting my alarm, politics, hospitals, endless TV commercials, when people are on their phones the entire time, traffic

Special talents: Hmm I don’t think I have any special talents but i can bake the best banana bread ever, oh and I can speak five languages

Our South African Babes feature with Clarice Berteyn

Welcome to the pages of LW Babe Clarice. What does featuring as this week’s LW Babe mean to you?
It really does mean a lot to me being featured as this weeks LW Babe of the Week, I feel so privileged and proud to be a part of this.

How would you best explain yourself as a person?
I would explain myself as being a very bubbly, outgoing, fun, go getter, independent and a total social butterfly – although I am very stubborn at times and refuse to listen to other peoples advice, but hey that’s how you learn. I am very easy going and get along with almost everyone and I always try to see the best in every situation #goodvibes.

You are a pilot busy with your Commercial Pilot License. Tell us how you got into it and what the process of becoming a pilot is like? 
From a very young age I’ve always been fascinated by airplanes and looking up at the sky. When I was sixteen I started flying. I actually had my private pilots license before my drivers license.
The process takes money, money and more money. It has been quite a process of long hours, late nights of studying and frequently having to say no to going out but it has definitely been worth all of it. Consistency is the key to everything and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life!

Our SA Babes feature with Clarice Berteyn

What do you enjoy the most about flying ?
I enjoy the serenity that flying gives me and the absolute freedom. Nothing would ever be able to compare to the feeling that I get when I am a few thousand feet up in the air.

Where would you ultimately like to see your flying career take you?
Ultimately I would love to fly Corporate and jet set off to unfamiliar destinations, I wouldn’t mind airlines, but hopefully life takes me into the Corporate flying direction.

Have you ever experienced anything crazy while up in the air?
Yes, I have had my door open in mid air and all my planning blown out of the window. I have had a radio failure as well as a brake failure, and once on a night flight I couldn’t spot the runway to land, oops my bad [laugh].

Our South African Girls feature with Clarice Berteyn

Sex appeal. How would you best explain it?
I would explain sex appeal as having a sexual presence which allures and attracts people.

What makes you feel sexy?
I feel sexy when I’ve been working out often, eating well, I have tanned skin and wearing a skin tight dress with heals, with my make up and hair on point

What’s the first thing you take note of when meeting a guy?
Eyes, shoes and most definitely if he is an Apple or Samsung type of guy!

Our SA Girls feature with Clarice Berteyn

First dates. What should they consist of, and what shouldn’t they consist of? 
To me I’ve always seen a first date like a job interview, there are sooo many do’s and don’ts in my books. Make your own way to the date because awkward car chatter is just the worse and then your escape plan might fail as well. A first date should be fun (nothing to intense or serious) to just take the pressure and awkwardness out of things. Do order your big girl meal and not just a salad. Dress to impress and keep the conversation light and do take me to get ice-cream!
Don’t be late, don’t talk about yourself endlessly or your problems (too heavy for a first date), don’t be attached to your phone or checking it frequently. If we are having dinner don’t be rude to the waiters, please guys don’t eye up other women while we are on a date. Don’t go home with someone after the first date.

With the festive season upon us, have you got anything exciting planned for the holidays?
Unfortunately not. I decided to that I’ll be getting my nerd on this December holiday and put my social life aside for a little while so I that I can finish my Commercial Pilot License. So I will mostly be flying and studying over the holidays, yet again if I’m flying I’m more than content with where I am.

What day of the week is your favorite and why?
Monday is actually my favorite day of the week even though a lot of people dislike it. It’s a new week with new beginnings and opportunities and you get to look forward to everything that the week has in store for you, you have to be the type of person that can make the most out of a Monday.

Meet this week's LW Babe, Clarice Berteyn

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Planes? Passion.

Helicopters? Complicated.

Mile high club? #BucketList.

Silence of the lambs? Hello Clarice (people who have watched the movie will understand).

Laughter? Best Medicine.

Lingerie? Red and lace.

Photos by Hotlens Photographic.
Hair and make-up by Kai Makeup Artistry – FacebookInstagram.

Photo Gallery:

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