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Thursday , 21 June 2018
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LW Babe Cassandra Veldtman

Meet Cape Town beach babe, Cassandra Veldtman in this week’s LW Babe of the Week feature:
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Meet Cassandra Veldtman, our LW Babe of the Week

Full Name: Cassandra Veldtman

Nickname: Cassy, Cass

Age: 21

Hometown: Hout Bay, Cape Town

Day Job: Personal Trainer

Likes: People who lift each other up, training hard at the gym, burgers, crumbs and cream and being outdoors.

Dislikes: People who bring others down. Hate spiders, I have arachnophobia, that’s no joke. I will exterminate every spider on this planet if I could… jokes, but not really.

Special talents: My talents lie within the sporting/ physical field, anything to do with sports/ outdoor activities I excel in.

Our South African Babes feature with Cassandra Veldtman

Give us a quick into into who Cassandra is?
I am a young lady with big dreams and aspirations. I just finished my two year diploma as an exercise specialist and have recently joined the family at BUC Fitness Centre in Seapoint as a personal trainer, and also started my own bootcamp that I run in Greenpoint called Get Fit Bootcamp. My only dream is to inspire and motivate others through my fitness journey and help people become the best that they can be; mentally and physically. I am a tom-boy at heart so I do love the adrenaline based activities, love the thrill of it. I promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I believe balance is key to success. As much as I love being on the go non-stop and constantly doing things, I do enjoy my alone time, reading here and there and reflecting on myself as a person. I have a big imagination, am a big dreamer but this causes me to be a full-time insomniac. I struggle to put my thoughts to sleep. I am constantly thinking of exciting, new ideas to bring to the table in this fitness industry and to build myself as a brand. You can find me on Instagram to see what is up and coming in my future.

What are your pros and cons of being a Cape Town girl?
Pros – My home is not even 5 minutes away from the beach.
Cons – It’s too small, everyone knows everyone.

Our SA Babes feature with Cassandra Veldtman

Your 5 favourite places to go in Cape Town?
Windmill Beach in Simons Town – go snorkelling there every time I get a chance.
Cecilia Forest – honestly this has the best hiking trails ever, can take many different routes.
Orchard on Long – best smoothies, ever.
Tigers Milk Muizenberg.
Cape Point Vineyards market on a Thursday.

2017, what do you hope it has in store for you?
I hope that I compete in my 2nd fitness competition and hopefully place top 2 and qualify for Arnolds 2018.
I hope that I achieve my all my goals within my bootcamp and as a personal trainer.
I really want to do some traveling this year so am hoping to go to the Philippine’s or Bali towards the end of the year.

If you could do anything you wanted for 1 hour, what would it be?
Go go-karting. I absolutely love the thrill of it and whipping my boyfriend’s ass, and seeing the surprise on all their faces knowing a girl beat them.

Our South African girls feature with Cassandra Veldtman

Which parts of your body do you enjoy showing off the most?
My abs. Well, because I worked damn hard to get these babies. Until you have abs you will only know how hard you had to work to get them, so why not show off that hard work.

You get into trouble with the cops, what’s your go to plan?
Run like hell.

Guys – your likes and dislikes?
My boyfriend . But seriously, got to love a gentleman who is honest, loyal and isn’t afraid to be romantic.
I dislike it when a guy is arrogant/ vain and someone who lies.

Our SA girls feature with Cassandra Veldtman

Girls – your likes and dislikes?
I love it when a girl compliments another. Girl power is the best and it is so empowering.
I dislike it when a girl bashes another down, especially a random girl they don’t even know on Instagram. I don’t understand how people think it’s okay to criticise others so harshly and think the owner of the account doesn’t see the comments.

What is one of the most spontaneous things you have done recently, and would you do it again?
I wouldn’t say it was so recent but I did bungee jumping at Bloukrans bridge and I would definitely do it again.

What pick-up line have you used, that worked?
I don’t think I’ve ever used a pick-up line [laughs].

Cassandra Veldtman features as this week's LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Beach? Snorkelling.

Summer fun? Party.

Winter fun? Skiing.

Raunchy? Kinky.

Turn on? Cologne.

Turn off? Overly hairy.

Photos by Renier van der Westhuizen

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