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Thursday , 26 April 2018
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Lonehill Estate Talk Brochella

The first annual Brochella Festival is set to take place at Rumours Rock City on 15 April. We caught up with Lonehill Estate, one of the many bands performing at Brochella, to talk about the festival and more. 

Lonehill Estate at Brochella - LW Mag 2

Give us some insight into the band and its members?
Well there are 4 of us. We used to have an alien but now we have a DJ… gotta keep current. Mark Thunderberg bringing the bass, Heman on drums, Kharmatronix on the decks and myself, Nathan Ro on vocals.

How would you best explain your sound and genre?
We used to call it Neon Rock but I think it’s now probably closer to Funky Progressive Dance Rock Core.

What have been some of your highlight performances?
Honestly, I love any performance where there is an audience. There’s something about the energy that a drunk crowd of people gives off. We recently played to a large drunk crowd at Montecasino for the Beer on Tap Festival, which was fantastic!

If you could play any show/ gig/ festival in the world, which would it be?
I personally would like to play at Disney World if at all possible or maybe an Ultra or Tomorrowland. We haven’t played to too many high audiences. Would love to see what effect our music would have on a couple of E-infused Europeans.

Which local band would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?
I’m a huge fan of Monark, Opposite The Other and Veranda Panda. So probably one of them.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Mostly from awkward life experiences, low self esteem, the female species and Aquaman.

What is a day in the life of the band like?
Well we all have day jobs, so probably not dissimilar to yours I imagine. We wake up. Eat cereal, if there is milk that is, otherwise we skip breakfast. Then we hit the graft until we stop grafting. Then it’s time for Netflix and din dins, prowling Instagram for the latest Justice League news…you know. Like yours.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Brochella Festival?
I’m wondering how “bro-esque” it’s going to be? Will people be wearing wife beaters and getting tribal tattoos? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Which of the bands on the lineup are you looking forward to seeing at the festival? 
I’m pretty amped to see Shut Up! It’s Sunday! Purely because I haven’t seen them before and I am in love with their band name.

What can fans expect from you at Brochella?
Fans can expect to dance, to move their hips in a sexual way and basically just increase their endorphin output without the use of previously mentioned narcotics.

What would be your main reason not to miss Brochella?
Well if all your friends are hitting the beach for Easter then you should probably do something awesome as well. We recommend Brochella because not only will there be epic music but your selfies will look way cooler with bands in the background as opposed to your mom’s couch or whatever other depressing situation you were planning.

Any shout-outs?
I would like to give a shout out to Angelina Jolie if at all possible.

For more info on Brochelle, click here.
Stay connected with Brochella on their Facebook Page and join the official Event Page.

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