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Wednesday , 12 December 2018
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Let the Good Vibes Roll – #CrankChaos 2017 Video

Let the Good Vibes Roll – #CrankChaos 2017 Video

Over 150 riders from all over the country made their way up to 3222m above sea level to Afriski Mountain Resort for the #CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival. A four-day MTB fest catered for fun riders, gravity junkies and endurance enthusiasts alike.

Nothing but good times at the Downhill MTB event at #CrankChaos 2017

Competitors were treated to multiple Enduro, Downhill and Cross-Country trails, as well at the MTB uplift gifting them over 200m in vertical gain. The vibe on the mountain was at an all time high throughout the weekend with the Fox Enduro race and Downhill Eliminator events being our highlights. R80 000 worth of prizes were up for grabs thanks to FOX, International Trade, Skullcandy, Motorex, Evoc, Pure Nutrition, Oakley, cSixx and Ogio.

The 2017 #CrankChaos Maluti Mountain Bike Festival was a success

2017 #CrankChaos Results

Fox Enduro consisted of three stages and was the perfect opportunity to showcase and experience the stunning Basotho landscape. It kicked off with a gentle, flowing introduction on stage 1 and 2. The comfort was short lived as stage 3 presented rough and tough trails, technical features complete with 2m “Hero Drop”, sheer slopes and tight switchbacks. The Enduro culminated in a long descent down to a pop-up party at the finish.
1st Theo Erlangsen 12:23
2nd Martin Zietsman 12:36
3rd Robert Frost 12:41

1st Beani Thies 15:09
2nd Louise Kotze 15:33
3rd Sonja Engelbrecht 16:16

1st Jasper Barrett 13:15
2nd Kyle Brand 15:03
3rd Ike Klaasen 15:10

Theo Erlangsen winning the Fox Enduro MTB race at #CrankChaos 2017

Downhill Eliminator kept competitors on their toes, it was luck of the draw as the riders selected a track out a Mokorotlo (a traditional Basotho hat). Four competitors raced simultaneously on four different tracks; skill, fitness and carrying speed through the numerous corners were the big deciders on who crossed the line first.
1st Frank Meyer
2nd Martin Zietsman
3rd Barry Futter

1st Beani Thies
2nd Nikki Alvin
3rd Louise Kotze

1st Jasper Barrett
2nd Ike Klaassen
3rd Kyle Brand

Beani Thies tanig advantage of the uplift at #CrankChaos 2017

Hill Climb – People underestimate what the altitude does to the lungs and legs, making the average climb a true test of fitness. The bravest, strongest and fittest riders lined up where the only rule was to get as far as you could without touching a foot to the floor.
1st Keagan Brand
2nd Martin Zietsman
3rd Beani Thies

Altitude XCO Eliminator riders battled it out around a custom-designed 400m XCO course, the flat-out speed and incline made extra challenging in the altitude.
1st Wessel Botha
2nd Armand Du Toit
3rd Albert Moffat

1st Marli van Eeden
2nd Henike Wielputz
3rd Yolandi Steyn

1st Keagan Brand

Goldilocks Strava Challenge was a 10,3km of some of the most scenic contour trails. Riders enjoyed the winding engaging trail and tough little popper climbs as they wound their way down to the valley. Fastest time on Strava decided the winners.
1st Wessel Botha 26:02
2nd Louise Kotze 33:51
3rd Keagan Brand 37:21

If you’re looking for a weekend filled with good vibes, dusty bikes, unforgettable views and endless smiles, keep an eye out for the opening dates of #CrankChaos 2018 on Lets get cranked!

Photos by Ewald Sadie.

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