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Monday , 21 May 2018
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The Just Talk Brochella

The first annual Brochella Festival is set to take place at Rumours Rock City on 15 April. We caught up with The Just, one of the many bands performing at Brochella, to talk about the festival and more. 

We interview The Just about Brochella Festival

Give us some insight into the band and its members?
We are “The Just”, a 5 piece band from Pretoria made up of Illona on vocals, Quentin on lead guitar, Martin on Rhythm, Stef on drums and Marcel on bass.

How would you best explain your sound and genre?
Aah such a difficult question, our music is such a blend to be honest. It can probably best be called “Hard-rock” but it’s like a blend of nu-metal, metalcore, punk and rock.

What have been some of your highlight performances?
There are 2 that really stand out for us. Opening for The Narrow on their SA tour last year, as well as Newtown Knife Gang. Both those shows were incredible to watch as and even crazier to be apart of.

The Just talk about the upcoming Brochella Festival and the SA music scene

If you could play any show/ gig/ festival in the world, which would it be?
There are so many that would be insane but at this stage if we had to choose a festival it would definitely be Oppikoppi locally and Vans Warped Tour internationally.

Which local band would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?
There are so many local artists we respect and admire it would be hard to choose but probably have to say The Narrow because, besides that their music is incredible, all of us have been fans of theirs from day one, plus they were just the nicest guys to share a stage with. They chilled with us before and after the show and even suggested that they introduce us and watched our whole set.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes to us in so many forms from listening to other music, God, to the things we go through daily. It kind of just overflows into our music.

What is a day in the life of the band like?
Well all of us have our day-jobs which is nothing spectacular but when we are together as a band things just kind of “go off”.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Brochella Festival?
We are so amped for this festival and can’t wait to see how it’s going to grow. All the hard work Mike is putting into it is so inspiring. We really hope that this becomes a platform to showcase the amazing talent in the SA music scene to our public.

Which of the bands on the lineup are you looking forward to seeing at the festival?
Well all of them honestly, we always do our best to support all the bands, it’s not always possible but we try. If we had to choose one it would probably be Shutup! It’s Sunday. They are blazing a trail for female fronted rock and we have huge respect for them.

The Just talk Brochella Festival and South African Music

What can fans expect from you at Brochella?
A lot of energy, fun and we are bringing some new tunes.

What would be your main reason not to miss Brochella?
Aside from the music, to be able to say that you were at the first one and being part of it, as we see this thing just getting bigger from here.

Any shout-outs?
Definitely to Melissa, Viandré, Jaun, Nicola, Damian, Charlie, Nino, Mr.Grapes, Simi and Kudu.

For more info on Brochelle, click here.
Stay connected with Brochella on their Facebook Page and join the official Event Page.

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