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Thursday , 19 July 2018
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Home » games » Jengo Announcement Trailer + FIG Pitch Video

Jengo Announcement Trailer + FIG Pitch Video

The Robot Wizard team have been hard at work creating the Jengo videogame, and are now at the stage of development where things start to get serious. The team have to obtained a funding model in order to help pay for all the costs that go into making a videogame – announcing their partnership with FIG (community funding and publishing platform for independent videogames).

Here’s a taste of things to come with the first official announcement trailer for Jengo, brilliantly scored by the Black Cat Bones.

So if you are a fan of Jengo and are keen to support local game development, it’s time to back the title. For their campaign to get the full support of FIG they require a total investment of 400 backstage backers. Thereafter it will make its way out of backstage and receive the full support of FIG’s marketing muscle, which will increase their chances of hitting our funding goal.

Where will the money from the campaign go you ask? Towards paying for their voice talent, musicians, artists, programmers and more… If you would like to support the cause, find out more about the game, how you can get involved, backing costs and rewards – click here.

“Please help postpone the apocalypse, and back our game. Only you the gaming community and Jengo supporters can make this happen.”

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