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Tuesday , 25 September 2018
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Jason Webb and the Monstang

In the world of Drifting, Jason Webb is a name to be reckoned with. Webb has been throwing cars sideways, with style and precision, long before he even qualified for a drivers license and has since matured into one of the country’s best drivers. He also has one of the hottest drift machines on the circuit, the Roush Performance Ford Mustang, affectionately dubbed The Monstang.
We caught up with Webb to chat about his beast of a machine and his 2017 season.

We chat to Jason Webb about his drifting career and the Ford Monstang drift machine

Tell us about your new Ford Mustang drift machine and how the whole thing came about?
Last year we were looking at getting a new car for the 2017 championship and after going over all our options we had a lead to go and have a meeting with Roush Performance in Johannesburg. After our first meeting the guys at Roush were really keen on getting involved in the sport, and with myself and my team. About a month after our first meeting we got called back to have a follow up meeting and they said we are 80% there on having a car. For some reason in my head I always thought the 20% of it not happening was bigger than the 80% of it happening. We then got a phone call while in Cape Town that we have a car and it is ready for collection. So up to Johannesburg we went to fetch the Monstang!

Dubbed the Monstang, what comes to mind when you think about this car?
The word Monstang is very suited for this car, being sponsored by Monster Energy and Ford Mustang, we had to combine the two parties. What better way than Monstang! What comes to my mind when I think about this car is pure beauty, until you drive her, then she turns into a demon and makes you cry.

Interview with one of South Africas best drifters, Jason Webb

Now this is not your everyday standard Mustang. How much work actually went into this car to get it to where it is today?
4 months of non-stop work went into the Monstang. It started off as a complete road going car and we transformed her into what she is now in 4 months. One of the biggest tasks were stripping everything out and getting it down to bare metal. From there we could fabricate all the parts that are needed for a drift car. After all the fabrication work we sent it away to Matt at Smoke’m Garage to do all the body work. The car came with a full Roush Performance body kit which was made into fibreglass by Smoke’m Garage, but obviously we made the car a lot wider than standard. Matt added in the arches but still kept the Roush look and feel. A Mustang has not yet been built in our country so to get ideas we went to trusty Dr Google to look at images of Mustangs overseas to give us a few ideas on how to shape our arches. After Matt had an idea he went at it, shaping pieces of metal, cardboard, foam and body filler to get the shape that we agreed on. After they were done with the body we could get the car back and fit all the parts and start getting everything ready for paint at CVP.

What are the specs of the car now?
Engine – 5.0L Roush Supercharged V8.
Weight – 1250kg.
Horsepower – 785hp.
Transmission – 6 speed manual.
Axles – Ford Performance axles.
Tyres – 265/35/18.
Wheels – Racing Hart Concepts.
Exterior – Smoke’m Garage custom wide body kit, Roush Performance front fascia, hood scoop and rear fin.
Interior – Cobra seats, Sparco steering wheel, First race harnesses, Webb Racing Roll Cage, Haltech ECU and Tilton peddle box.

Meet the drifting machine that is the Monstang

What are some of your highlight features of the car?
Definitely the supercharged V8! It’s amazing to drive a car with that much power just under your right foot. I’m also madly in love with the look and feel of the car, everything is just amazing.

How often to you actually get to drive and practice?
The only practice I do get is at the SupaDrift events that we compete at. Otherwise we do have quite a few shows that we do, but that’s normally in a parking lot, so you cant really call that practice. We don’t like putting too much strain on the car, so the less we drive the better [laughs].

How does this car differ from all your previous drift cars?
There is a huge difference between this car and the other cars I’ve had in the past. Coming from a 6 cylinder turbo engine to a supercharged V8 is a big difference, but one I am taking a liking to. Another difference is the size, the Mustang is quite a lot bigger but I’m already used to it, so its all good.

Gymkhana style drifting at its best with Jason Webb

Now that the 2017 SupaDrift season is wrapped up, take us through your achievements and how the season went for you?
We had a bit of a late start with the Monstang and after missing the first two rounds we went into round 3 not knowing what to expect. We managed to qualify 1st and finish 1st, in both rounds 3 and 4, unfortunately round 5 wasn’t too good for us after crashing the car and having to use a borrowed one. Round 6 we had a bit of teething issues, which we could expect after having two wins with no issues. We took this year as a development year for the Mustang and we are still chuffed with the results. We now know our weak points and we will make it better and stronger for the new season. We also have time after World Rallycross and Gymkhana Grid to rebuild the car and get ready for the new season!

You’ll be competing in Gymkhana Grid this November. Tell us what the event is about and what the opportunity means to you?
I’m really keen and excited for it. Gymkhana is all about time, so I might have to lock a few horses away so I can have less power and more grip to the rear wheels. It’s a different type of driving style but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. It’s definitely a big one for me, being in an event with Petter Solberg, Ken Block, Luke Woodham and a few other guys is going to be awesome and not one to miss out on.

Jason Webb putting his drifting skill to work in the SupaDrift Series

Any shout-outs?
I want to give a huge shoutout to all my sponsors, Monster Energy, Smoke’m Garage, Roush Performance, Ford Performance, Racing Hart Concepts, Motul, Supafly and CVP.

Photos by Grant Mclachlan.

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