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Sunday , 24 June 2018
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Hottie Marlize Liebenberg!

This week’s babe Marlize is originally from Cape Town, speaks French and considers the ultimate holiday destination to be Las Vegas (hell yeah!). Unfortunately she’s taken – but we figure we can ogle over her until she walks down the aisle.

Full Name: Marlize Elizabeth Liebenberg

Nickname: Liebies

Age: 22

Hometown: At the moment Alberton but Cape Town will always have my heart, I was born a Capetonian…

Turn ons: Muscles, sense of humour and sunny days.

Turn offs: When people do not clean or flush a toilet after using it, arrogance

Favourite Music: David Guetta, 5FM Ultimix at Six CD currently

Favourite Movie: The Ultimate Gift, August Rush, What Happens in Vegas (I HEART Cameron Diaz)

Which party/festival/event are you most looking forward to this year?

My birthday has passed but my wedding in February 2013 is next on the list…[sorry guys she’s taken]

Do you think guys should make the effort for Valentine’s Day?

DEFINITELY!!! I feel that Valentine’s day should be every day. I also once read a quote on Twitter “A girl’s biggest fear is that the guy she loves will stop doing the things that made her fall in love with him.” Very true!

What’s been your best Valentine’s Day to date?

Um… not really anything special, my fiancé’s sister’s birthday is on Valentine’s day, so it’s usually just a day of celebrating a birthday than a day celebrating love.

Where’s one place in the world you’d love to visit?

LAS VEGAS!!!! Hoping to go there for my honeymoon and France… I’m learning to speak French and just love the language.

Where’s your favourite place to party?

Anywhere where there are good friends, great food and friendly smiles.

Where’s the most weird and wonderful place you’ve ever done it?

Done what?

Whose your favourite person to follow on Twitter?


What can you not leave the house without?

Clothes on my body.

What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?

I worked at American Swiss when I was in school and I lost my key to the glass doors in the shop… they had to replace the whole shops locks #facepalm.

What’s the best and worst thing about SA guys?

Best: They know how to appreciate the things in SA… braai, boerewors, biltong and AFRIKAANS….

Worst: I guess I’ll say some can be real drunk pigs… but I’m sure you get those outside of SA as well

Follow Marlize on Twitter.

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