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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Home » Sports » BMX » Greg Illingworth on the Make It Happen Project | BMX

Greg Illingworth on the Make It Happen Project | BMX

BMX Greg Illingworth
South African Pro BMX rider Greg Illingworth has just dropped his first teaser video, shot right here in South Africa, for his killer Make It Happen project. We caught up with Greg and chatted to him about the project, the ideas, the riders and generally everything else about this awesome initiative. Check out the teaser video and the interview:

Make It Happen 1st Teaser – South Africa from Make It Happen BMX on Vimeo.

Tell us about the Make It Happen project?
Make it Happen is primarily a BMX video project filmed on multiple trips to different parts of the world, with a different group of riders on each trip.

How did the idea come about and turn into a reality?
My original idea was to work on a web video of myself for the entire year, travelling to amazing locations with a videographer and photographer. I wanted to do this because I think more people get to see online videos than DVD’s but they are quickly forgotten. The plan was to spend the entire year making the best possible web video. After a bit of thought and some chatting with Adam Dayson (Monster), we both agreed it would be a bit of a waste going to all these places with amazing photographers and videographers for just one rider. I also way prefer having friends around on riding trips. Once we had a general idea of making a full length video with loads of riders on different trips it was just a case of convincing the other sponsors. Mongoose, Fox, Snafu, and Vans were all really into the idea and backed the project from the start.

The 1st teaser has just been released and was filmed in South Africa. How many more teasers will come out and from which countries?
There will be one teaser from each trip, so there are 3 left. The next trip is China, after that we have Scandinavia and then Argentina.

BMX Greg Illingworth
When is the final video expected to drop?
At the end of the year. Not setting an exact date until we have the appropriate party planned for the premiere.

What are you trying to capture in the Make It Happen video?
My goal is to make something that makes other people happy. I want people, BMX or non BMX people, to know that they can go on our website and will be treated to amazing photos and video free. I hope the video and pictures inspire people to ride bikes, travel, and enjoy life.

There were a selection of international riders featured with yourself in the South African teaser. Which other riders can we expect to see in future videos?
Brian Kachinsky and Josh Harrington are confirmed for the China trip so I’m really stoked about that. I have loads of people in mind for the following two trips… it all really depends on who is available at the right time.

BMX Greg Illingworth
Will there be any comps featured in the video or is just about the riding and capturing the awesomeness?
No comps.

What part of the video are you most looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to peoples reaction at the premiere. I want to see people smile and laugh.

Do you have a variety of videographers shooting Make It Happen or just one crew?
The masterful William Evans is filming and editing the whole project. I’m helping out with some additional angles etc.

Who are the sponsors involved? Do you have any shout outs?
Monster Energy, Vans, Mongoose, Snafu, Fox, and The Albion. Massive shout out to all of them for backing this, particularly Adam Dayson for helping turn the idea into reality. Will Evans for taking on more than just filming and editing, he’s helped so much. George Marshall for getting The Albion involved and giving us amazing photos for the website.

BMX Greg Illingworth
Follow Make It Happen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Follow Greg Illingworth on Facebook and Twitter.

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