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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Gorgeous Danicka!

As team leader for the Monster Energy Girls SA – there’s no disputing that Danicka, from Swaziland, is one damn fine lady. Adding to her sizzle is the fact that she loves sports, alternative music and wants to study to become a doctor. Can you imagine Dr. Danicka tending to you at your bedside? Holy Xbox360! We think we’ve just given you some free spank bank material right there.  Enjoy boys!

Full Name: Danicka Eva Riehl

Hometown: Manzini, Swaziland


Machine of Choice: My horse

Drink of Choice: Pink drinks!

Music of Choice: Hmmm. Alternative rock, some house or just anything that is current or has a hot beat!

Now that we have hit spring and summer is just around the corner, what are you looking forward to the most this season?
The water! I’m a serious water baby, swimming, taking my horse into the dam, fishing, surfing. Give me a dam or find me on the beach and I’ll definitely be smiling.

We’ve seen you at a few events as one of SA’s Monster Energy girls. What are the perks of being a Monster Girl and what are some of the crazy things that have happened while on the job?
What happens at Monster events, stays at Monster events! We have an awesome team at Monster Energy, from the Mat team to the athletes, and being team leader for the Monster Girl South Africa brand I get to spend many sunny days at the tracks or at events with our gorgeous Monster Girls and top alternative sport athletes in our country. You’ll always find us doing something crazy and fortunately or unfortunately it always ends up on camera!

What is your idea of one huge jol?
A big group of my friends at a spot like Beach Bar, an off-the-path venue just outside of Ballito, KZN. What’s better than the combination of a jol, the beach, a bon fire, a great DJ and a long summer night? Uh, nothing!

Would you prefer partying at an alternative sports event or going to a bar to watch the Rugby World Cup?
Both have a place in my life. Sports is high up on my list of important things in this life and there is no better feeling than sitting in front of the TV rooting for your home team or country in a good match of rugby. Especially with the RWC that is upon us; it’s a great thing to feel patriotic and unite behind our country in what I feel is the best form of war; sport.

What do you do when you’re not out and about being a Monster Energy girl?

I spent the year working for Leaf International Communications as well as studying Business Management on a gracious bursary I received from being a Miss South Africa Finalist in 2010. I’ll also be leaving to Europe soon to do some travelling before I get my head down in 2012 and focus full time on my Biological Sciences degree and my goal of studying Medicine. Other than studying and working I fill up any extra time with events, show jumping (my own little extreme sport) and modelling.

We normally ask our babes what crazy pick-up lines have they heard used on them but we’d like to know what pick up line would you like a guy to try on you?

When I received the interview I had a little giggle at this question and turned to Twitter for some really good pick-up lines. I must say the responses I received were nothing short of hilarious but quite coincidentally I had one once used on me the other day that really did make me laugh.. My best friend and I went for a drink and chat in Hatfield and as we walked in a guy and his friend walked passed and the one tripped to the ground, stood up and said, “I fell for you!” It DIDN’T work but made us laugh, so any line that will really get me to have a chuckle I’d say.

Which bad habits that people have irritate the living hell out of you?
I generally don’t get easily annoyed but a trait I don’t like is a lack of respect. We all have to live in this world together, manners will make it a lot easier.

What one thing is an instant turn on for you?

What asset of yours do you think attracts most guys?
It’s quite clichéd, but my smile.

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