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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Gangs of Ballet talk Form & Function – Part 2

Today sees the release of Gangs of Ballet’s new EP entitled Form & Function – Part 2.
We caught up with Brand Klynsmith (vocals/ electric guitar) to chat about the release.

We interview Gangs of Ballet about their new EP Form & Function Part 2

How excited are you guys to be releasing your new EP, Form & Function – Part 2?
It’s always a mixture of excitement and nerves, every time you’re putting yourself out there hoping people like it and don’t throw rotten fruit at you in the streets.

Why did you decide on a Part 1 release in 2015 and now the Part 2 release?
The plan was always to release in parts for a few reasons, one of which was it was the first recording we were doing after our bass player leaving so it made sense to ease into the newer sound.

How do the two differ from each other?
It’s quite fascinating to see how you develop as people and in tastes, in just one short year. So it’s actually quite a fresh sound for us, and nothing we’ve sounded like before.

We talks South African Music with Gangs of Ballet

How much time has gone into recording and getting this EP ready for release?
Well, it was 2 weeks tracking and then months of mixing due to our mix engineer in London getting sick and loosing his hearing for a bit?! You can’t make that stuff up.

What have been some of your highlights of the journey of Form & Function – Part 2?
We tracked in Durban for the first time in years at Echoes Studio so that was so rad, such a great space to create in.

What can GOB fans expect from the new EP, and how many tracks does it feature?
It’s still the same feel good sing along stuff but dressed up a little different.

What are your stand out tracks?
I love the first track ‘The Wind’. It’s not really a radio tune and I kind of like that about it. It’s just musical art for the sake of art.

Gangs of Ballet talks to us about their latest EP release

If you had to sum up the band and its members in one sentence, what would it be?
Undercover gingers.

When not recording, gigging or touring, what do you guys like to get up to?
Mostly surfing and a bit of Xbox, etc. But to be honest, we all got other business projects on the side to keep life interesting.

What have been some of your highlights of 2016, and what are you still looking forward to in the remainder of the year?
This album will be a highlight for sure! An immediate highlight is heading to play Rocking the Daisies this weekend; haven’t played it for a year or two and it’s going to be a jol.

Can we expect some music video for EP tracks?
Yeah, our first single ‘Something’ has a video out now and it features the nicest human on earth, Tsvi Kaap!

What’s next for Gangs of Ballet?
Taming a unicorn, learning how to swallow a sword and finding a cure…. for everything.

Gangs of Ballet Form & Function Part 2
Available on iTunes now – https://gob.lnk.to/Function2Fa

Photos by Craig Scott

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