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Sunday , 23 July 2017
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Freestyle motocross

Catch up on all the latest fast-paced FMX action at LW Mag, from news and events to the hottest photos, videos, interviews and competitions.

Thomas Pages Talks Red Bull X-Fighters SA

Freestyle Motocross rider Tom Pages

Thomas Pages is one of the most illustrious Freestyle Motocross riders the world has ever seen. Known for his innovation of the sport with insane and new technical tricks, some of which he is the only rider in the world who can pull them off. In just a few weeks time South Africa will witness Pages on home soil at ...

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FMX Development Series Round 2 Review

Freestyle Motocross at its best at round 2 of the SA FMX Development Series

Round 2 of the 2014 SA FMX Development Series took place this past weekend, 12th July, at The Institute FMX Park in Benoni, Gauteng. A series designed to grow the sport of Freestyle Motocross by offering beginner and intermediate riders a chance to enter a contest suited for them. The series has already gathered some great hype and it’s good ...

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Behind Tom Pages’ Bike Flip

Tom Pages unveils his Bike Flip to the Freestyle Motocross World

Watch the progress of Tom Pages‘ Bike Flip from the concept, to the foam pit, and finally to dirt. Find out why Tom didn’t attempt it at X-Fighters Osaka in Japan and then see the unveiling of the trick at X-Fighters Madrid. The Bike Flip is undoubtedly one of the most technical trick in Freestyle Motocross and Tom Pages is ...

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Red Bull X-Fighters South Africa Grab Your Seat

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour is coming to South Africa showcasing the best in FMX

The Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour is the most prestigious Freestyle Motocross championship in the world. This year the renowned event will hit home soil for its final round of the 2014 season at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. With 4 of the 5 rounds completed already, who will take the title? Don’t miss out on the chance ...

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Brad O’Neal Motocross Base Jump

Brad O'Neal attemps the first ever motocross base jump to flat land

The motorcycle Base Jump has been attempted many times before, and with success usually involving a ramp off a big cliff. But, it has never been attempted on flat ground. Motocross rider Brad O’Neal decided to follow his fears and chase unique experiences, and did just that. Does he make it? Watch the insane but super cool attempt here: Follow ...

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