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Wednesday , 29 March 2017
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Freestyle motocross

Catch up on all the latest fast-paced FMX action at LW Mag, from news and events to the hottest photos, videos, interviews and competitions.

Adam Jones talks Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

Smooth and flexible, Adam Jones with a Backflip Shaolin

Bringing you our 3rd rider interview with one of the smoothest Freestyle Motocross riders on tour, Adam Jones. We talk to the American about Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria and his return to South Africa. Give us a quick rundown of some of your highlights of your career? 1 X Games gold, 4 X Games silver, 1 X Games bronze, 1 ...

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Levi Sherwood talks Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

Levi Sherwood is a Freestyle Motocross God

As Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria creeps closer (12th September), we’re excited to bring you our 2nd rider interview. One of the most accomplished Freestyle Motocross athletes that has a stack of X-Fighters wins under his belt, and is again in the hunt for the World Tour title. We talk to Australian Levi Sherwood about the 2015 tour and returning back to South Africa. Give ...

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Clinton Moore talks Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

Exclusive interview with Clinton Moore about competing in Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

Leading up to the penultimate stop of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Pretoria (12 September), we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with the world’s top Freestyle Motocross riders who’ll be competing. We kick off these exciting interviews with the current tour leader, Clinton Moore. See what the Australian has to say about the 2015 tour and returning ...

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4Front Live FMX Open Day Review

Freestyle Motocross whips at their best by Dallan Goldman and Brendan Potter

The 4Front Live FMX Open Day took place at Nick De Wit’s FMX Park over the weekend. A well prepped world class Freestyle Motocross track, with both steel and dirt hits, greeted a stack of riders and spectators alike resulting in a great day out. Beginner and intermediate riders got the chance to witness and ride with some of the country’s top ...

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Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream

Watch history being made as DC Shoes presented Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream

Probably one of the most anticipated edits the world has been waiting for and now that it has dropped, it is breaking the internet. DC Shoes presents Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream, witness history being made as the world renowned Freestyle Motocross rider drops into the massive waves of Tahiti on his dirt bike. Don’t believe us? Press play.

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