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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Freestyle Motocross with Dallan Goldman

Dallan Goldman has become a household name in the local Freestyle Motocross scene. Recently Freestyle Films released a killer web video of a day in the FMX life of Dallan. We hooked up an interview with the rider and spoke to him about the video, his FMX career and more.

Full Name: Dallan Goldman

Age: 20

Hometown: Fourways , Johannesburg

Machine of Choice: Yamaha Yz450F

Years riding FMX: 5

Sponsors: Jungle Rush Fmx, VMS Technologies, Freestyle Films, DC Shoes, Yamaha, Asterix Knee braces, Thor, Ride 100% Goggles, 42 Designs, Leatt Brace, Shoei Helmets, Motul, Expand a Sign, Sony, Full Throttle and AR developments.

Freestyle Motocross FMX
Give us some insight to your latest web video done by Freestyle Films?
Freestyle Films and I wanted to create a video only using the GoPro hero 3, the goal was to be creative with the use of the camera and test out some new angles. We wanted to tell a story and keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. I feel that Action Camera fans will really enjoy this video and perhaps even use some of the angles we have used in the video.

What did you and Freestyle Films  want to capture?
It was all about the journey, leaving my house and making my way to the Jungle Rush Compound just behind Dainfern. My sponsors are very important to me and so I also wanted to showcase the products that support me, so we captured the video in a way that I could have all my sponsors logos present in the video.

How did the idea of the video come about?
Shawn (Freestyle Films) and I were at the park early this year testing out the new GoPro Hero 3 and decided to create a film just using the action cam. We wanted to explore some new angles and mount the cameras in hard to get places. I feel we achieved what we set out to do.

Freestyle Motocross FMX
What are your thoughts on the final product, Freestyle Films skills and the GoPro Hero 3?
I’m really happy with the final product , Freestyle fims is always on top of their game and each video we put out together is better than the last ! There is more coming so make sure to keep your eyes on Freestyle Films.

What is your favourite part of the video and why?
I can’t really pin point my favourite part, I really enjoyed getting the different angles in every situation . I can’t wait to publish more unique styled video’s with Freestyle films!

The video basically gives an idea into a day in the riding life of Dallan. When you’re not riding, what do you get up to?
I run a rider programe where I train kids during the week, otherwise I help my father with his tree felling & site clearing company and when I have more free time on my hands I visit my local sponsors and drop off updates of what I’ve got going on and what shows I’ve done or have coming up.

Freestyle Motocross FMX

“Right now I would love to get the chance to ride and compete in X Games Best Whip”

You definitely know how to throw a dirt bike around. What’s your trick to pulling a styling whip?
It’s taken years of practice and I would say I’m nowhere near perfecting it, I’ve been riding on and off since I was 4 and full time in the FMX industry for the last 5 years now, since I’ve been hitting ramps I’ve looked at all the different styles of whips all over the world and just been trying to add my own twist  and style to it you could say.

We know you have been practicing Backflips on a BMX into a bag jump. When are we going to see you pull one on your FMX bike to dirt?
Well I’ve recently been able to jump into a foam pit a few times on my Yamaha 450 and had some good results but I’m not ready for dirt just yet, I’m hoping to get more sessions in and when I’m 100% comfortable I’m sure I’ll go for it again.

What other tricks are you working on?
I’ve been working on some rock solid combos recently as well as suicide whips.

Last year you went overseas to ride with some of the world’s top riders. What did you bring back from that trip?
I brought back a renewed attitude towards riding and want to make the best of it while I still have the opportunity to.

Freestyle Motocross FMX
Have you got anything else like that planned and in the pipe line?
I’m off to Pakistan end of the month to do a show or 2 out there, unfortunately I don’t have a bike out in the US anymore so I can’t return just yet. But we will see what happens over the next year .

Where do you see your FMX career taking you and what goals do you have for yourself in the sport?
I want to tour the world and be able to showcase my skills in all the countries and meet all the different kinds people out there. I really want to land the flip soon and work my way from there. Hoping I can get into more whip comps .

What do you think needs to be done in SA in order to grow FMX and to have a full-on national series?
We need more big investments from sponsors and more support from the people.

You have your own FMX compound, Jungle Rush FMX, explain the setup you have there?
It’s the number 1 training facility to get any level rider to progress. We have nice safe table tops so we can get beginners learning to jump, they are a little steeper  than the MX jumps but not as long, so it’s easier to adjust to hitting a steel ramp. We also have a 21metre step up and a few doubles at various distances, we have 13 steel ramps which we can push to any distance so the riders don’t get freaked out,  we also offer a kiddies track to promote the growth of up and coming riders. A few of us Jungle Rush FMX riders offer lessons to make sure you’re doing the correct steps safely as we want more riders so we can grow the sport.

Freestyle Motocross FMX
Do you have any future plans or open days planned at the park?
Yes we do indeed, we cannot give any exact dates right now but if you browse our website or Facebook page details will be available in the near future.

What would be the ultimate FMX contest for you to compete in?
Right now I would love to get the chance to ride and compete in X Games best whip. At least there will be a proud South African representing.

Any shout outs?
Massive shout out to my Parents and family! Without them I wouldn’t be the man I am today, my Uncle Craig from VMS Technologies , Shawn VZ from Freestyle Films, all my sponsors, Red Bull South Africa, Hilton Warmback and the Schwank family in the US.

Follow Dallan on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with anything FMX.

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