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Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Frame Girls Marleen Oi

Its been a while since our last Frame Girls feature but the wait has been worth it. Meet alternative/ tattoo model Marleen Oi, whose insanely good looks have us in complete awe!

Meet Alternative Frame Girls Model Marleen Oi

What is your greatest accomplishment.?
My greatest accomplishment i getting through music college without losing all my hair from stress.

What male interests do you have?
I grew up watching Formula 1 and Rallies with my dad and we were always talking cars. I still have a great obsession with all things car. I love how design and technology come together to create something so beautiful, and I love the sound of a Lamborghini racing past.

South African babes feature with Marleen Oi

What’s your favourite part of being an alternative/ tattooed model?
The best part about being a tattooed model is being able to get rid of some of the stigmas around tattooed/ modified people and alternative culture. It’s also making tattoos more acceptable in everyday life.

Who is your role model for a happy balanced life?
I don’t know anyone who I would say has been able to find balance, there’s always something that just takes more of our time. But anyone who is able to do what needs to be done to make a life, and has time to do the things that genuinely makes them happy, be it travelling, writing, being with family etc.

Meet tattooed Frame Girls Model Marleen Oi

If you had won a great amount of money but could only spend it on animals what would you do?
It has always been my dream to open a sanctuary for all animals. A place where they can run, play, learn, get rehabilitated and have the opportunity to be adopted if the time comes, but can live out their lives even if they don’t. Pro life for life.

Photos by Jason Frames
Hair and make-up: Christine VanInk

Alternative South African babes model Marleen Oi

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