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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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EFC Africa 25 Fight Review

EFC Africa ventured down south to the mother city for EFC25. Cape Town MMA fans were treated to a night of big hits, grueling heavyweight fights and two big Title Fights. Check out our review from the Mixed Martial Arts fight night that was well received by the Cape Town crowd.

Fight 1: Boney Bukaka vs Lourens Botes

Winner: Boney Bukaka
Bukaka attached hard in this fight with Botes staying calm and collected. Bukaku landed a big knee to the head of Botes knocking him out and giving Bukaka the win. KO of the night.

Boney Bukaka's MMA skills gave hime the win at EFC Africa 25

Fight 2: Shaun De Lange vs Booto Guylain

Winner: Shaun De Lange
Guylain came into the fight with the punches but when it went to ground De Lange got top position and landed heavy Ground and Pound which saw the ref call the fight in round 1. De Lange took the win by TKO.

Shaun De Lange's Mixed Martial Arts skill paid off at EFC 25

Fight 3: Regis Muyambo vs Donald Nzirawa

Winner: Regis Muyambo
A tough fight that saw Nzirawa in control in round 1 and Muyambo in control in round 2. The fight went the distance with Muyamby getting the take down in round 3 and grinding it out. The fight went to the judges in favour of Muyambo by unanimous decision.

Regis Muyambo vs Donald Nzirawa in the MMA Cage

Fight 4: Igeu Kabesa vs Chad Hepburn

Winner: Igeu Kabesa
Another fight that went the distance with and exciting round 3. After going to the judges, Kabesa took the win by unanimous decision. Fight of the night.

Igeu Kabesa beats Chad Hepburn in this Mixed Martial Arts battle

Fight 5: Bruno Mukulu vs Juan Lubbe

Winner: Bruno Mukulu
Mukulo was dominant in every round of this fight with Lubbe showing heart, surviving and fighting back. In round 3 Lubbe folded to Mukulu’s heavy Ground and Pound. Mukulu took the win by TKO.

Bruno Mukulu beats Juan Lubbe by TKO at EFC Africa 25

Fight 6: Marcel Teniers vs Morne Prinsloo

Winner: Marcel Teniers
Teniers got the better of Prinsloo in round two and landed an onslaught of Ground and Pound hits. The ref called the fight and Teniers took the win by TKO.

Marcel Teniers wins his MMA fight at EFC 25

Fight 7: Christophe Walravens vs Roelof Scheepers

Winner: Christophe Walravens
Scheepers got a big takedown and got into top position. Walravens gave up his back and Scheepers tried to lock in a Rear Naked Choke. Walravens got out, turned it and landed some heavy Ground and Pound. The comeback gave Walravens the win by TKO.

Christophe Walravens taking the win at EFC Africa 25

Fight 8: Chris Du Pont vs Sean Robinson

Winner : Chris Di Pont
What looked to be shaping up to be a good fight ended early. Robinson got disqualified for a head butt in round 1 giving Du Pont the win.

Chris Du Pont wins his bout at EFC 25

Fight 9: Vandam Mbuyi vs Sors Grobbelaar

Winner: Vandam Mbuyi
A heavyweight fight that went the distance and saw a mix of stand up trading, clinch warfare and ground game. Grobbelaar landed a big spinning back fist that rocked Mbuyi in round 2 but Mbuyi recovered in the clinch. Mbuyi landed a bit right in round 3 that rocked Grobbelaar and saw his mouth guard fly out of his mouth. The judges scored the fight in favour of Mbuyi.

Vandam Mbuyi put on a stellar Mixed Martial Arts performance to take the win

Fight 10: Bernado Mikixi vs Brendon Groenewald

Winner: Bernado Mikixi
A close fight that saw both heavyweights trade. Mikixi worked on Groenewald’s left leg with kicks throughout the fight. Groenewald got some great takedowns and tried with a Rear Naked Choke in round 3 but Mikixi got out. The judges scored the fight with Mikixi taking the win by majority decision.

Bernado Mikixi wins his Heavyweight battle at Efc Africa 25

Fight 11: Francois Kabulu vs Michiel Opperman

Winner: Francois Kabulu
A long fight with brilliant ground game from both fighters and plenty of manoeuvring by both. Clinch and grappling warfare. After going the distance, Kabulu took the win by split decision. Kabulu will now have the chance to face Dino Bagattin for the title.

Francois Kabulu is a top MMA contender

Fight 12: Light Heavyweight Title Fight – Gideon Drotschie vs Fraser Opie

Winner Gideon Drotschie
Opie went straight in with the hits in round 1 and Drotschie retaliated by trying for the takedown which saw the fight go into the clinch. Back and forth until Opie got the takedown and the dominant position. Drtotschie tried with a Kimora but Opie got out, Drotschie then turned it as the bell went.
In round 2 the fight went straight into the clinch with Opie trying for the takedown. Drotschie got the takedown, got into top mount and landed some elbows cutting the cheek of Opie. Opie was on the defense when Drotschie got himself into position and landed Ground and Pound. The ref called the fight and Drotschie took the win by TKO. Drotschie is still the EFC Africa Light Heavyweight Champion.

Gideon Drotschie beats Fraser Opie for the EFC Africa Light Heavyweight Title

Fight 13: Lightweight Title Fight – Leon Maynhardt vs Don Madge

Winner: Leon Maynhardt
The fight that everyone had been waiting for, the rematch of what was such an epic fight back at EFC 13 but this time things were different. There were no big hits or stand up trading, instead the fight was on the ground all 5 rounds. A few kicks were exchanged in the beginning of each round before the fight went to ground. In round 4 Madge sunk in a deep Rear Naked Choke towards the end of the round but somehow Maynhardt managed to hold on until the bell. It was a very close fight and Maynhardt definitely did his homework. The judges scored the fight 48-47 Maynhardt, 49-46 Madge and 49-46 Maynhard giving the win to the new EFC Africa Lightweight Champion, Leon Maynhardt.

Leon Maynhardt is the new EFC Africa Lightweight Champion

Photos by EFC Africa / Ruby Woolf

EFC Africa 25 Photo Gallery:

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