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Friday , 15 December 2017
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EFC Africa 22 Fight Review

EFC Africa 22 a night filled with 1 round fights, knock outs and turn arounds which had MMA fans on the edge of their seats. Catch our full review on the nights mixed martial arts fights and see exactly what went down.

Fight 1: Welterweight – Chimmy van Winkle vs Morne Prinsloo

Winner: Morne Prinsloo
Prinsloo came into the fight engaging and landing kicks and punches. Van Winkle looked calm and relaxed. Prinsloo got two big takedowns both times getting himself into full mount and landing ground and pound. The ref called the fight 3 minutes and 6 seconds into round 1 due to Van Winkle tapping out due to strikes.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 2: Heavyweight – Roelof Scheepers vs Koko Hummer

Winner: Roelof Scheepers
Scheepers went in with a kick and slipped, Hummer tried to take advantage and took Scheepers to the ground quickly but Scheepers got himself into full mount straight away and landed some heavy ground and pound until the ref called the fight 1 minute 15 seconds into round 1. Scheepers takes the win by TKO.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 3: Lightweight – Donald Nzirawa vs David van Schalkwyk

Winner: David van Schalkwyk
This fight went all three rounds with some exciting exchanges happening in the beginning of each round before the fight went to ground. Van Schalkwyk controlled the fight on the ground and took the fight by the judges unanimous decision.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 4: Welterweight – Josh Muller vs James Saks

Winner: Josh Muller
Muller went straight in for the takedown, Saks retaliated by trying to lock in a guillotine choke but Muller got out. Saks gave up his back and Muller took advantage by locking in a rear naked choke forcing Saks to tap out.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 5: Bantamweight – Nkazimulo Zulu vs Cedric Doyle

Winner: Nkazimulo Zulu
In round 1 Doyle got the takedown and controlled the fight from the top for the duration of the round landing a few elbows. Zulu defended himself well. In round 2 Doyle again took the fight to the ground, Zulu tried to stand it up but Doyle kept on the ground where he wanted it. While in defence Zulu snuck in a tight triangle choke which saw Doyle tap out.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 6: Welterweight – Juan Lubbe vs Themba Gorimba

Winner: Thenba Gorimba
Lubbe came in with a kick that Gorimba caught and used to his advantage, landing big hits and taking the fight to the ground. Gorimba had the top mount and both fighters were landing strikes. Lubbe tried to kick the aggressive Gorimba off but his opponent kept coming back. 3 minutes 48 seconds into the first round Gorimba caught Lubbe with and armbar forcing Lubbe to tap out.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 7: Heavyweight – Ian Visser vs Christophe Walravens

Winner: Christophe Walravens
A great heavyweight battle with both fighters looking for the knock out. After a big exchange of hits, Walravens gets the better of Visser and knocks him out just before the end of the round.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 8: Light Heavyweight – Frasier Opie vs Mahamed Aly

Winner: Frasier opie
A quick fight that saw Opie go in for the clinch, exchange some knees and take the fight to the ground. From there it was all Opie who landed some vicious ground and pound and had the ref call the fight due to tap out from strikes.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 9: Featherweight – BB Nienaber vs Amos Hlatswayo

Winner: BB Nienaber
A fight that went the distance and had Nienaber controlling the whole fight on the ground. Hlatswayo put on an impressive performance defending himself for all three rounds. The fight went to the judges and they scores it 30-27, 30-27 and 30-25 seeing Nienaber take the win by unanimous decision.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 10: Bantamweight – Dannovan Wilken vs Matthew Buirski

Winner: Matthew Buirski
A fight that had a lot of hype around it and saw both fighters come in closely matched. They went straight into the clinch and exchanged before the fight went to the ground. Wilken got top mount landing strikes but Buirski was landing strikes himself from the bottom. Buirski managed to lock in a kimora choke and Wilken had to tap out.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 11: Lightweight – Frederich Naumann vs Dallas Jakobi

Winner: Frederich Naumann
Naumann came in landing kicks and punches and hurting Jakobi early on. Jakobi took the fight to the ground and landed some hit from top mount. Naumann turned it and got Jakobi’s back and tried to lock in a rear naked choke. Jakobi defended and got out seeing nauman land strike from the back before trying with the rear naked choke again but with no luck.
In round 2 both fighters came out swinging but it was Naumann that rocked Jakobi and knocked him out 15 second into the round. Naumann predicted the knock out and he was spot on, he is a dangerous fighters in the lightweight division.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Fight 12: Middleweight – JP Kruger vs Tumelo Maphutha

Winner: JP Kruger
Both fighters came in with a slow start, testing each other and exchanging kicks. Maphutha then put the heat on and hurt Kruger with heavy leg kicks. Kruger was now stumbling, Maphutha landed another big kick dropping Kruger to the ground. Maphutha then went in with the hits landing heavy ground and pound. Kruger was in trouble but out of nowhere snuck in a tight armbar forcing Maphutha to tap out. Kruger took the win and secured himself a title shot.

MMA EFC Africa Mixed Martial Arts

Photos by Ruby Wolff
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