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Friday , 27 April 2018
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Drift HD Ghost Product Review

In today’s age an action camera is a must for any action sports enthusiast. Whether it be Surfing. Motocross, BMX, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, etc – what better way to document your awesomeness than will cool, wide angled, HD video and photos! Agreed? Then the Drift HD Ghost action camera is the perfect gadget for you!

The Drift HD Ghost action camera
This little piece of amazing-ness is so damn durable and can be taken anywhere and mounted anywhere to capture those moments that were impossible to capture in the past. And it comes with every feature that you could possibly want.

We’ve been playing around with one of these babies and we are more than impressed. The 2-way LED remote eliminates the “is this thing on?” factor by showing if the camera is recording or not with the on/off indicator light. The smartphone app is also available for Android and IOS which allows you to view what you’d be recording or taking photos of, as well as control the camera by changing setting, taking photos and recording. The Drift HD Ghost also features a neat built in LCD screen enabling easy previewing and replays.

Capturing any view imaginable when shredding whatever action sport it might be, the Drift HD Ghost is the perfect tool and we can’t get enough! Take things to the next level by sharing what you couldn’t capture in the past. We vouch for it!

Here are some of the key features of the Drift HD Ghost action camera:

Two-Way Remote Control
The wearable on-off remote makes life so much easier by communicating with the camera and showing you what mode it’s in, and if its recording or not with brilliantly placed LED lights. The colour coded system indicates Photo, Photoburst, Timelaps or Video modes. Functional from up to 10 meters away.

Built In 2 Inch LCD Screen
Quick, real time viewing is made possible by the incorporated Gorilla Glass screen. View angles before your press record and then playback what you recorded, making it easier to delete, edit and relive your actions whenever you want.

WiFi Enabled and Drift App
The HD Ghost is WiFi enabled. Download the Drift App to your smartphone (Andriod and IOS) connect to your camera and communicate what you would like your camera to do. Preview shots, change settings and download content straight to your phone for easy and instant sharing.

The 1700 mAH rechargeable battery enables a long standard battery life of 3 hours of recording time. The Powerstation is situated in the centre of the camera which provides an anti vibrational system.

Audio Technology
With a microphone that features mechanical dynamic modulation and digital technology, the Drift HD Ghost records with crystal clear audio and with wind noise reduction. An external 3.5mm microphone jack is also included to further enhance the audio.

7 Element Lens Design
Boasting a lens design that includes seven elements, ensuring outstanding performance whether it be filming on top of a mountain peak or in the middle of a desert. Guaranteeing vibrant coloured, high clarity HD video. Shoot in a variety of resolutions ranging from WVGA, 720p, 960p and 1080p. Also take still photos while filming without interrupting, making sure you never miss that moment.

Waterproof without any housing
Out the box the Drift HD Ghost is 3 meters waterproof. So when surfing, wakeboarding, etc, the Drift has you sorted. A specifically designed waterproof housing is also available for those deep water enthusiast which allows for use up to 60 meters deep.

Capture your action sports moments with the Drift HD Ghost action camera
Into action sports and want to take things to the next level? Get yourself a Drift HD Ghost! Available nationwide at only R4650.00 and comes with everything you need to start capturing. For more info, added accessories and dealer enquires visit the Drift Cameras website.

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