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Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Dean Marais Skateboarding Life Interview

Dean Marais is a household name in the local Skateboarding scene and is growing from strength to strength with his steezy style and awesome attitude to the sport. We caught up with Dean to chat to him about his skating career, the local and international scene and more. See what he had to say:

Skateboarding life with Dean Marais
Full Name: Richard Dean Marais

Nickname: Deano

Age: 24

Hometown: Edenvale

Years skating: 13

Sponsors: Rockstar Energy Drink, True bearings, Technique Skateboards and Vox Shoes

What are some of your favourite tricks to pull?
Kickflip Backside Tails, Frontside Blunt 3 Shuvs, Nollie Tre, Nollie Backside Flips and Nollie 360s

We interview Skateboarding star Dean Marais
You skated in the Maloof/ Kimberley Diamond Cup a few years in a row, how has the event been for you?
Ah man, the event has opened my eyes to how good skaters in SA and overseas really are. It’s such a positive vibe, inspiring and all round amazing. Being able to skate the amateur event for the last 2 years has really been an honour to roll next to professionals and SA guys, it was all so motivating.
Ill definitely remember it forever, such good vibes and good people.

What are some of the biggest differences between the local scene and the international scene?
The international level is so crazy, the talent of the international dudes is beyond my imagination. SA has a lot to offer though, the SA scene is still growing and it will one day reach a point where it’s going to be huge, with the way it’s going now it will happen. The international scene is huge there’s tons of parks/ spots and there’s a lot of people putting time and money into the scene. SA is fast growing, so I rate we’ve got a bright future in this country.

SA has potential international talent. What does it take to get overseas and secure yourself in the international scene?
It depends because companies are a huge help if they put the help behind you to get you over to international contests, and if they push you hard enough there is a chance you could possibly make it. It’s hard to fund trips yourself to go over and I guess it’s a work together type of situation unless you can afford it. But SA skaters definitely have the talents if they are given the opportunity I think.

Dean Marais Skateboarding Life Interview

“I love the lifestyle, it is so rad and fulfilling”

What are your goals for your Skateboarding career?
My goal right now is to skate and never stop. I want to open my mind to many options, travel, skate and help the scene grow where ever I can. I’d love to skate overseas though, that’s my main goal but for now I’m working on getting my skateboarding better and helping people and kids, etc, like what they see. I love skateboarding and I want to do everything in a positive way .

Have you ever suffered from any injuries?
Yes , it comes with the game I suppose. Like all extreme activities but you have to get up dust yourself off and carry on. It’s the way of life [laughs].

What changes would you make to the SA Skate Scene, if you could?
Umm… I’d definitely like to see more skate plazas like Kimberley, but honestly it’s so good right now.

In your opinion, what is the best thing, feeling about Skating?
Being free, I love the lifestyle, it is so rad and fulfilling. The friendships it creates and also just learning new tricks, landing cool stuff, everything just works and the feeling it creates is so awesome.

Dean Marais doing what he does best on a Skateboard
What goes through your mind when you’re on the board?
Just the trick I’m trying, I seem to forget everything else in life and zone totally out into what I’m doing. It clears my mind and refreshes me .

What’s your key to landing a flip trick?
Commit ,practice and work on it till it comes naturally.

Any shout outs?
Shane at Rockstar Energy, True Bearings, Technique Skateboards for the help and push. Gareth Taylor for filming and shooting, Rudi Jeggle and all dudes who cruise with me when I skate thanks to you all.

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