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Monday , 25 June 2018
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cSixx END 9series Rim Review

With Enduro Mountain Biking’s immense popularity and growth in South Africa, riders are taking quality bikes, parts and accessories in serious consideration. A standout product for us is the cSixx END 9Series Carbon Rim, which are locally made. We got our hands on a set and put them to the test, the results astonished us!

The YT Capra Enduro MTB fits with the cSixx carbon rims

Now before we get into our review on the rims, we asked the good people at cSixx to give us some insight into the manufacturing of their carbon rims. This is what they had to say:

How long have cSixx been manufacturing Carbon Rims?
We’ve been wanting to manufacture our own rim for 8 years.
They have been in development for 5 years and we have been manufacturing for 2 years. We’re always improving and are on the 5th version of the END 9Series (different layups, carbon grades & profiles).

What was the reason for starting to produce this rim?
From the outset, our goal has been to build a rim that we felt made us faster, more confident and with a lively but not too harsh feel.  Many rims out there are either too flexy, giving you a vague and wondering feel to the bike or are too harsh that ping off unexpected hits such as ruts and the odd unsighted rock. Our rims have been engineered to have that delicate balance to allow you to ride at your full potential without those unexpected changes in direction. Another top consideration of ours was to offer a rim that has the durability to survive multiple seasons as well as a second to none support structure of local shops and after-sales service that you would expect.

Why do the rims have an asymmetrical offset – long side and short side?
Our rims are all designed with around a 3mm offset asymmetric profile. This dimension differs from a smaller 2.6mm for the 22mm ID rim up to 3.5mm for the 32mm ID Enduro rim. We opted for an asymmetrical rim design because we wanted to get spoke tension as even as possible on either side. Traditional, (symmetrically spoked) wheels’ spoke tension can vary by up to 30% from drive to non-drive side. This tension imbalance can lead to drastically different ride characteristics when turning left or right. Our 9Series rim’s asymmetrical design eliminates this inconsistency giving you more control when turning on the trail.

What are the advantages of the wider rim?
A wider rim gives you a more vertical sidewall of the tire and allows your tires to support you more during hard cornering and drops on the trails.

cSixx END 9Series Carbon Rims look good out the box

Out the box, the END 9Series Rims have a great look, a high-class finish and clean graphics. With a 32mm ID, 3mm wall thickness and a weight of just 430/450 grams (per rim), these rims are wide, strong and super light. cSixx even offer a custom decal kit so you can make your rims your own. Available in 27.5” and 29” with 28H or 32H.

After taking the wheels to The Trailhead (preferred cSixx retailer/ support) to be built up, we hit the trails and put the END 9Series’ through their paces. The new hoops give an aggressively awesome look to the bike, and straight off the bat we noticed the same in handling. The blend of stiffness and ride quality oozed confidence into our riding.

cSixx END 9Series wheel build at The Trailhead

Cornering is where the END 9Series’ play, they and play hard. The wide rim changes the dynamics of the tyre and brings with it the capability of cornering harder and faster. We were able to smash berms and ruts harder than ever before and still had space to go harder. Handling through rock sections, over drops and jumps is also improved with the key factors being stability and better feel for the bike.

We test and reeve the awesome cSixx END 9Series carbon rims

There is no doubt that cSixx have done their homework. The END 9Series Carbon Rims will not only make your steed look good but they will also improve your riding. Smooth and confident equals fast times and podium positions in Enduro MTB and these rims aid in doing just that.

Testing the cSixx Enduro MTB wheels

cSixx stand behind their product with extensive testing producing rims that are on par, if not better than other international brands, and they offer a 2 year crash replacement.

Expect to pay:
cSixx END 9Series Carbon Rim – R6 900.00 per rim.
cSixx END 9Series Wheelset – R19 990.00.

For more info visit the cSixx website and Facebook Page.
Contact: 021 035 1576 / 076 2808 569

The Trailhead
Website | Facebook.
Contact: 011 326 1688

Photos by Cory Schmitz

Photo gallery:

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