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Friday , 20 July 2018
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Call of Duty WWII Pros and Cons

The new Call of Duty WWII has been released, and we’re stoked that Activision were able to step it up yet again. Explosive, loud, in your face, killing Nazi’s entertainment.

Our pros and cons of Calle of Duty WWII

Making a return to their their roots with this one, and similar to Medal of Honour: Allied Assault back in the day – like that but on juice! The Campaign mode is amazing, entertaining and beautiful to blast through. Multiplayer is just as good with some new game modes and classic maps to rekindle those memories. Without going into too much detail, we can say that you won’t be disappointed purchasing this game.

Here’s what we liked and didn’t like in Call of Duty WWII

-Insanely awesome visuals.
-War mode is unique.
-Gameplay is gory and intense.
-Creating a class is in depth and interesting.
-Keeping your team mates close by for health and ammo top ups is a nice touch.
-Huge combat scenes (D-Day!!!).
-Nazi Zombies.

-Single player campaign is too short.
-Multiplayer visuals are toned down to increase speeds.
-AI are not the smartest.

Call of Duty WWII Gamplay

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