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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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BMX Racing with Godfrey Buziba

Godfrey Buziba is one fast and stylish rider that is putting his all into his BMX Racing career. We caught up with the Elite Men’s rider to chat to him about the South African scene, his riding and training programs and his goals for the future.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba
Full name: Godfrey Gyabi Buziba

Nickname: G

Age: 24

Hometown: Springs, Johannesburg

Years racing: I have been racing BMX for 6 years

Machine of Choice: I would have to recommend a Crupi BMX, I ride one and ride for them and they are one of the best selling BMX brand in the world with really good geometry and are extremely fast out the gate.

Sponsors: Crupi BMX Factory Team South Africa, Monster Energy South Africa and Von Zipper South Africa

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba
Compared to most you started your racing career at an older age. How did you get into racing and do you think this had any disadvantage?
I did start late at the age of sixteen/seventeen were I found a track in Brakpan, I would go there every weekend then the one weekend I went to watch a race and since then I was hooked. I then entered my first race at the track in Kempton Park and I finished 3rd. I can clearly still remember going into the BMX start hill with a high seat post not knowing it had to be low for more movement, the first race you do is always the most memorable.

In which class do you race?
I race in Elite Men or Pro Class, it’s basically a class of riders that take the sport seriously, many do it as a full time career .

How often do you train and what does your training regime include?
I train every day, some days in the week I train double sessions. I do my sprints on my BMX. A few times a week I do some gym sessions where I’ll do squats sessions some Plyometrics (Plyometrics are work outs you do for explosive power). I do track sessions at some of the tracks in JHB.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba

“I love the feeling you get when you’re taking a jump high, or even low and fast and tearing through a tracks first straight, every time I get on my bike I get an inner smile”

How often to you get to practice on a BMX track and how often do you compete in races?
I go to a BMX track every week and do my gate start training and skills training and I actually have my own practice track, it has five straights, a pro straight and a few trails behind it so I usually do a lot of skill work there.

Which BMX track in SA is your favourite and why?
I have got to say my favourite track is the Queensburgh BMX track which is in Durban. A couple months a year I go to KZN to train with my coach, Jonnathan Chislett and this track is right near us and we train on it a lot. It has a first straight that you can open up some serious horse power, a second straight with a pro line and a challenge class line and a third straight that you have many options through. The track also has a sprinting strip made of tar so whenever we have a sprinting session we do not have to do them on the roads.

There is a new Supercross track being built in KZN and will be the first official one in SA. What are you looking forward to most about this track?
The new upcoming track will resolve many things that keep us behind the rest of the riders we compete against at internationals events. Firstly the high start hill, if you don’t  ride one often every time you get on one you have to take time to get used to it, while you are doing this the riders that have the big start hill on their home grounds are already practicing the track for the racing. So yes the big start hill will help out big time. I am so stoked that the track will be ready soon and can’t wait to go gate training on the big hill for the 2014 season.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba
What do you think it will do for the sport and the athletes in this country?
There are many  talented  young guys in SA, a lot trained by my coach as well so with them training at the new track at Giba Gorge in KZN we will see more guys doing much better at international events.

How many times have you raced overseas and where did you finish up?
I have raced overseas twice. The first time was in Birmingham, it was my first World Champs riding in Elite Men and the second time was in Manchester that was my first BMX Supercross World Cup event overseas. In both of these you have to do time trials which is one of the things we are not used to, so I did not make it out the time trial rounds. I still keep positive and I’m grateful that the new facility can aid in these aspects due to lack of the correct facilities.

Where do you see the sport of BMX Racing taking you?
In the years to come I will have a lot of traveling on my hands which is pretty cool, I do have a love for European racing and I want to compete in some European championship rounds. There’s something about European racing that I love so much. My first ever trip overseas was because of BMX so I am really excited to travel to places I haven’t been to, but more importantly to race in them.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba
What’s your key to the perfect start and getting the holeshot?
Well in my career I have always had a really powerful first straight, I would say the keys to having a perfect start and getting the holeshot would be being relaxed in the gate, have a really fast snap, a powerful first second and third pedal out the gate along with the rest and be fast and powerful through the jumps on the first straight. You also have to move to the inside if you are on the outer sides of the first straight. You need to train power in gym and explosive power which will give you the much needed kick out the gates and down the first straight.

What the best feeling about racing BMX?
I love the feeling you get when you’re taking a jump high or even low and fast and tearing through a tracks first straight, every time I get on my bike I get an inner smile.

How far do you think you can manual?
The furthest I have counted is 7 lamp posts.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba
Give us a rundown of the perfect race track?
Fast first straight with about two or three jumps on the straight, smooth tar or dirt turns, a flowing pro straight, a third straight with many options through it and a last straight that has jumps you can jump through or manual.

How often do you let loose and hit the trails? Do you think this helps with your racing?
I have my own set of trails near my house in a park and I jump them almost every day. I always have a trails session were I listen to my music, zone out and just enjoy being on my bike in the air, trails has helped me develop more skill and flow so I like having fun on trails and letting loose.

Any shout outs?
I’d like to send a shout out to my sponsors, Monster Energy for the amazing support, Von Zipper for the best high end goggles and crazy nice shades and the Crupi BMX Factory team SA. My Coach Jonnathan Chislett deserves a huge shout out, he has basically helped develop me from nothing, all his effort and time, advise and training plans put into me.

BMX Racing Godfrey Buziba

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