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Friday , 22 June 2018
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BMX Day 2017 Photo and Video Feature

BMX Day 2017 in Johannesburg

Saturday 22 July, while the Street Series was going on in multiple continents, the bustling streets of New Town Johannesburg saw over 100 riders gather in front of Museum Africa in support of international BMX Day.

Darren Oatley scoring rider of the day at BMX Day 2017

From the start, the warm up spot quickly turned into a frenzy of riders sending anything and everything down the set of stairs and getting tech on the Evals BMX flat rail. A good way to get the juices flowing before the mob headed off into the CBD. After a quick briefing the heavy crew proceeded to pedal into the city, from that point chaos ensued as traffic was brought to a standstill in the city centre.

BMX Day 2017 taking place in the streets of JHB

Nathi Steeze showcasing his riding skills at BMX Day 2017

Private security didn’t stand a chance against the massive group of riders, which brought the perfect opportunity for those usually “untouchable spots” to be broken in. Unfortunately this did bring the attention of JMPD who tried to dismantle the group and shut down the jam completely. After a bit of smoothing over with the police, the crew headed to spots with less police presence, including a ghetto skatepark hidden in the centre of Joburg’s biggest taxi rank.

BMX action at its best in the heart of Joburg

Ghetto BMX park in Joburg CBD

Jason Hood enjoying BMX Day 2017

After a heavy session on the steel ramps, riders made their way back down to the meet up spot to wind things down with the Ray Malinga High Hop contest hosted by Hunter.

Ray Malinga High Hop at BMX Day 2017

No street jam is complete without an informal prize giving to hook up riders who sent it during the course of the day. Shout out to Monster Energy, Evals BMX, Hunter, Skabanga Crew and 1933 Classic Tattoos for making it all happen.

Thanks to everyone who made it out. See you all next year!

Riders briefing at BMX Day 2017

BMX Day 2017 Prize winners

Riders of the day – Darren Oatley and Vincent Leygonie.
Ray Malinga High Hop – Darren Oatley.
Tough as Nails – Rico Ribeiro.

Photos by Grant Mclachlan.
Video by Kevin Schnider.

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