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Friday , 22 June 2018
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Home » Sports » Billabong Junior Surfing Series Event 3 of 4 Results

Billabong Junior Surfing Series Event 3 of 4 Results

The 3rd event of the Billabong Junior Surfing Series took place this past weekend in Kommetjie, Cape Town and was a nonstop action packed contest. The juniors had a choice of left and right breaking waves to choose from and let loose on. With shorebreak punts and huge turns, the juniors fought to secure as many points as possible before going into the 4th and final round of the series.

It was Max Elkington in the U12 Boys division who took the win with a great performance over 2nd place Bradley Drummer, 3rd place Angelo Faulker and 4th place Tide-Lee Ireland.

In the U14 Girls division it was Sophie Bell who came out victorious using good wave conditions to score big. Kai Woolfe took 2nd overall with Kirsty McGallivray in 3rd and Zoe Smith in 4th.

Adin Masencamp turned it on in the finals of the U14 Boys division with solid finishes and clean carves to take the win. Ford Van Jaarsveld took the 2nd, Jake Elkington 3rd and Ethan Fletcher 4th.

The solid Jordy Maree won the U16 Boys final using his experience and showing the potential to take his surfing to the next level. Competitors Steffen Burrows finished up in 2nd, Ntando Msibi in 3rd and Matt McGillivray in 4th.

Jose Faulkner in action at Long Beach on Day 1

Chanelle Botha dominated the U18 Girls division with high scoring moves and took the win over Gina Smith in 2nd, Anoush Zakarian in 3rd and Crystal Hulett in 4th.

Local Kommetjie surfer, Matt Armstrong was a threat in the U18 Boys division and didn’t disappoint with big backhand moves he carved his way to the win. Josh Smit came in 2nd, Jason Harris in 3rd and Josh Olive in 4th.

In the U20 Girls division it was Emma Smith that came out tops over Heidi Palmboom in 2nd, Anoush Zakarian in 3rd and Chanelle Botha in 4th.

The U20 Boys final was blistering. Diran Zakarian came out blazing and took the win with some impressive moves. Steven Sawyer finished in 2nd with Mikey February in 3rd and Jarred Valdhuis in 4th.

Diran Zakarian in full flight at Long Beach

Diran Zakarian also won the VonZipper Flair Up Award with a huge Fronside Air.

Mikey Febraury won the Dakine Youthful Movement Award with a killer pop Shuvit.

Max Elkington scored the highest heat score of 16.25 which saw him take the Nixon Winner Takes All Award.

The 4th and final event of the Billabong Junior Surfing Series will be taking place on the 21st and 22nd September at Seal Point in Cape Town.

Photos by Alan Van Gysen

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