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Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Betrayal SA Tour Interview

US hardcore Punk band, Betrayal are in South Africa for the “Survive the Wild” tour which promises to be a fast, aggressive and fun filled tour with SA bands, Conqueror and Truth and its Burden as the support acts and gigs taking place around the country. We caught up with the band and interviewed them about their tour to SA, what they expect and what we can expect. Enjoy:

Survive the Wild tour bringing US hardcore band Betrayal to the South African Music scene
It’s your first time in SA. How long have you been planning on touring here and what are your thoughts so far?
This tour has been in the works for a few months now. It’s crazy that the time is finally here and that we actually made it to South Africa! So far, everyone has been so nice. Ashley from Truth and It’s Burden has really taken care of us and showed us what a proper braai is all about. No complaints.

How long have you guys been performing and how many countries have you played in?
We’ve been performing since 2008 when we were all in high school. I’d say we’ve played in well over 10 different countries, which is an awesome thing to think about, actually.

Which country has been your favourite so far and why?
So far, Japan. Everyone out there is so appreciative of music and really does not take anything for granted. That was one of the warmest welcomes I’ve ever encountered. But South Africa and might just take the number 1 spot.

You are here for the ˜Survive the Wild” tour. How many shows does the tour consist of and what are looking forward to most about the tour?
This tour has 7 shows around SA. We’re all most looking forward to experiencing the cultures out here and doing all the wild activities that Ashley has planned for us (shark diving, horseback riding, wine tasting, etc.)

Betrayal are on tour in South Africa

“I’d say you can expect to have a great fucking time, whether you are in the pit, singing along, or drinking a whiskey & coke in the back”

Explain the band Betrayal, its music and what can fans expect once you hit the stage?
Betrayal is a metal, hardcore, & punk rock fusion. Fast, aggressive, and just plain fun. Live, I’d say you can expect to have a great fucking time, whether you are in the pit, singing along, or drinking a whiskey & coke in the back.

How do you think the SA tour experience will differ from any of your other yours?
I think this tour differs from others in too many ways to type. For one, I guess we’re only the second hardcore band to actually do a proper “tour” of the country. So, in my mind, I see this as a small building block for the hardcore and metal scene out here. Brings attention to the fact that there are kids who enjoy this type of music out here and that it’s not just a bunch of clay huts with lions roaming around.

Conqueror and Truth & its Burden are the supporting acts for the tour. Have you heard their music before? What do you think of these two SA bands?
I’ve had the opportunity and listened to both support bands. When Truth & It’s Burden came to America, I had the pleasure of seeing them live. They’re a very passionate hardcore band that is doing everything for the right reasons. I have to respect that so much. Not many bands keep their heads on straight with this music anymore. The other band Conqueror sounded like a really pissed off hardcore band. I dug it. Can’t wait to watch them perform and see what they’re really about. I’m actually laying on their guitar player Richard’s couch as I type this.

Give us a list of things that you were expecting or heard about in SA, that haven’t necessarily been true or that you were surprised by?
To be completely honest, we came into this tour with no expectations. We had literally no idea what to expect: our good friends The Ghost Inside came here last year or so and only told us that it’s a great experience and that we would love it. Everyone has been so great so far and so welcoming. I think I’m most surprise at the biltong you guys have here. Much better than the beef jerky we have back at home [laughs].

Give us an insider’s look at what happens on a Betrayals tour?
A lot of sleeping, eating, loading, hanging out, driving, sweating, and more. We love to go to water parks, drink coffee, play with dogs, and swim.

Besides the tour gigs, what else have you got planned while you are in SA?
I believe we are going shark diving, horseback riding, wine tasting, playing with baby lions, tattoos, visiting cultural sites and a ton of other stuff. Ashley has it all planned out!

What’s next for Betrayal?
After this we head to Europe to do Your Demise’s last Euro tour. Then we tour the states for a month with Vanna, Alpha & Omega, & The Greenery. Then we record the new record.

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