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Friday , 18 January 2019
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Hottie Kim!

If your week has been a bit of drag, then now's the time to cheer up okes! Because it's Wednesday. Hump Day. Which means it's Babe of the Week day here at LW. It's hard not to sit up a little straighter in your seat once you see these gorgeous pics of the naughty Kim. This lady commands your attention - you'll see what we mean. Enjoy!

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Sexy Leandri!

We thought it was about damn time we had a fine blonde featured as Babe of the Week! We seem to have been giving a lot of love to brunettes lately but we don't want our lovely blonde Saffa ladies to think we have a preference. We like all our local honeys just the same! This week's babe Leandri - we like...a lot. If it's a home-cooked meal she's after - then a home-cooked meal she'll get - we'd bust out some culinary skills to win a date with this sexy lady any day of the week! We think you'd probably do the same - and maybe give up your left testicle if you had to. Just saying.

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Babe Leigh!

This week's babe, Leigh, is practically our dream woman. She's drop-dead gorgeous, a bit naughty and big into motocross (Leigh is a presenter for Full Throttle on Supersport). Boys, you don't get a finer specimen than this lady...happy Friday okes!

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Babe – DJ Kirsti!

You may know her as DJ Kirsti or part of the May Day Girls, Red Meri and Fire and Ice DJ acts - we know her as damn fiiine! This lady is not only gorgeous, she's a master of the decks (which is pretty hot right there), she's naughty as anything and not adverse to some girl-on-girl bumpin'and grindin' on the dancefloor. All we can say is - there'll never be a dull moment with this wild child so what's not to like? Happy hump day guys!

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Sexy Myla!

We're a little hot under the collar today. And it's all thanks to Myla - this week's babe. Just look at her! Have you ever seen one woman ooze so much sex appeal?! DAMN! The lovely Myla, or Mylalicious as she likes to be known is also a bit of sweetheart - read her LW interview (once you're done ogling over the pics of course) - and you'll see what we mean! Naughty AND nice!

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