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Friday , 27 April 2018
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Babe of the Week – Sabina

Okay we know this has been like, cliched to death but dynamite really does come in small packages. Well – it does in the case of the gorgeous Sabina Essa – this week’s babe. She’s petite, she’s smart (a law student after all), and she’s most likely to be found at the bar knocking a few back on a night out. There’s no one quite like this exotic-looking beauty and that’s why we dig her. Check out her interview and steamy pics…

Full Name: Sabina Essa

Nickname: Sabz, Sabinks

Age: 21

Hometown: Pretoria

Turn ons: Tattoos, good arms and legs, has to have good skin and a brain

Turn offs: Arrogance and bad breath

Favourite Movie: Face Off

Favourite Music: Really depends, I like all commercial, and then Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Daft Punk…some acoustic rock, Ugly Kid Joe


When you’re not looking gorgeous for the camera, what do you get up to?

Bwahaha! Is that what you call it? When I’m not shooting or filming the odd ad or two, I study law full time at Wits. I love the gym and keeping fit so a lot of my mornings and evenings go [are spent there].

What’s your favourite part of a guy’s bod?

Definitely his arms and bum. I love a guy who is muscular and toned and has a cute bum. [I’m] actually seeing a guy right now with the perfect combination of both. Ha-ha.

Threesomes – just fantasy or great in reality too?

Err, I don’t really know. I can’t comment. I’d say [there’s] fantasy for a reason. It’s probably not as smooth sailing as in the fantasy!

What item of clothing do you hate guys wearing?

Skinny jeans! What is that?! You’re not a 12-year-old emo girl!

How important is it that a guy has style?

Quite important I’d say. Also…he [should] have his OWN style not just blend into the crowd. I like that.

How would you keep the spice in a long term relationship?

Keep them guessing you know? Once they know they’ve got you, that’s the end of it… in my experience. Dress up, go on dates, play games, lots of sex and romance!

In a nightclub, where would we most likely find you and what would you be doing?

Hmmm… at the bar, drinking! I’m not a huge dancer, so the liquor comes first!

Could you ever be a cougar?

You mean the small boy thing? Never! I like ‘em 8 years older and older  than me of course… it’s a maturity thing.

The best way to spend a long weekend?  

Laying around having cocktails on the beach!

The best part about living in SA?

I would say the weather and people.Our beautiful scenery in Cape Town and our access to amazing things like safaris and warm beaches.

You can follow Sabina on Twitter.  

Photos by Bruce.K.Cantrell.

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