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Monday , 10 December 2018
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Babe of the Week – Gorgeous Tracey!

You just don’t find hotter ladies in the world than right here in South Africa. Just take a look at Tracey Robertson – this week’s local honey – isn’t she F.I.N.E? Good looks like that make us about as smooth as a pimply, pubescent Star Wars fan. Enjoy boys! Happy Hump Day!

Full Name: Tracey-Sharon Robertson


Hometown: Boksburg

Age: 21

Drink of Choice: Malibu and  Appletizer – so yummy!

Best Song of 2011: Bromance – Tim Berg and On the Floor – JLo and Pitbull


Have your good looks ever got you into trouble?

Hmm…No, as far as I know it was just my silly ideas I had for a laugh that did. He-he!

Have your good looks ever got you out of trouble?

Not that I know of.

Where’s your favourite place to go on the weekend for good jol?Nicci Beach, Latinova, wherever it’s happening! If there’s good music, a good crowd and you’re with your friends, you’ll definitely have fun almost anywhere!

What are your thoughts on role-playing?
Hmm… could be something fun to do when you’re really bored? Let’s just say I’d much prefer to do something more exciting.

What was the last thing to make you laugh out loud?

I’m so clumsy and have the worst luck falling in public. Sad but very true! A short while ago I slipped coming out of the ladies at an event in Rivonia. Embarrasing times! Hearing the sound of my friends’ laughter definitely made me laugh out loud though!

How do you keep in such good shape?

I’m a podium dancer for clubs and events so dancing a lot keeps me in shape and its fun! I also try going to gym when I can. I love food too much to diet though. I believe everything in moderation. Except when it comes to chocolate – it’s the one thing I can never say no to!

Do you have a girl crush and if so, on whom?

Kim Kardashian, I think she is so stunning!

Would you say you’re more “girl-next-door” or “the girl our mom’s warned us about”?
I’m more of the girl-next-door. I’m the kind of girl you can have a laugh with, hang out with and have fun with. I’m definitely down to earth and easy to talk too.

How would a guy get your attention?

A true gentleman always gets my attention. Sadly there’s not a whole lot of them out there.
I like someone who looks after himself, who’s a genuine person and who has a sense of humour. I don’t like guys who are arrogant or think they’re hot.

What’s your favourite movie of all time – the one you can watch over and over and over?

How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days – I love romantic movies!
Also, Finding Nemo – classic movie; it’s really funny!

Do you believe everyone should have a good cause? If so, what is yours?
Definitely! Children are so close to my heart as well as animals, so supporting children’s homes and SPCAs are the causes I support the most. Everyone should stand up for what they believe in and make even a small amount of difference in the world.

How long could you live without your smartphone?
Two hours maybe? Ha-ha! If I’m kept busy then probably for longer.

You can like Tracey’s official Facebook Fan Page and follow her on Twitter.

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