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Wednesday , 24 January 2018
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Babe of the Week – Chandre

Our first babe of June is local Pietermaritzburg honey and ultimate good girl, Chandre. What a cutie! Check out her interview and pics here…

Name: Chandre

Nickname: Chaan

Age: 18

Hometown: Pietermaritzburg

Word to live your life by: “Rather be the original YOU than a copy of someone else”

Naked shoots – yay or nay?


When a guy strips down and he’s wearing tighty whities – your first reaction is to…

Look away.

When guys go out on boy’s nights what do you think they really get up to?

Drink and perv over other girls.

And tell us, when ladies go out on ladies night, what do you really get up to?

Gossip. We just have innocent fun.

What’s a charitable cause close to you heart and why?

The SPCA because I really love animals.

What’s your flirting style?

I don’t have a flirting style. I believe that if you are friendly and you’re yourself there’s never a need to flirt.

Where’s the best part of SA to holiday?

Anywhere as long as it’s at the beach.

The best advice you’ve ever received?

Stand up for yourself, if you don’t know no one else will.

The last time you had a hangover and what did you do to cure it?

I’ve never had a hangover – I don’t drink at all! I’m a good girl, he-he!



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