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Babe of the Week – Carmen Mckenzie

Here at LW we have a commitment to cleavage all year round, not just on National Cleavage Day. That’s why every week we introduce you to a gorgeous, local babe. South Africa is renowned for its hotties and honeys and making up that bevy of beauties is Babe of the Week – Carmen Mckenzie!

Name: Carmen McKenzie

Nickname: Carms

Age: 23

Hometown: Johannesburg

Turn ons: A guy MUST smell good, gym and look after himself, a little bit of arrogance doesn’t hurt either

Turn offs: When a guy has no confidence, uses cheesy pick-up lines and tries to be arrogant when he isn’t

Favourite Movie: Any movie with Vin Diesel, Angels and Demons, Clueless and Grease

Favouite Music: Wow, basically anything from Frank Sinatra to Paul Van Dyk but I am a bit of a commercial and hip hop girl at heart


Would you rather read or watch the movie?

It depends on my mood, but I mostly watch.  If the book is good enough they’ll make it into a movie!

How do you stay in such good shape?

Occasionally my best friend drags me to the gym with her but other than that I’m pretty active.

Do you prefer a night in or a night out?

I am definitely a night out kind of girl, I love being around people, but I will never say no to a girls’ night in with my besties.

What are the 3 sexiest things a guy can do?

1. Take charge

2. Be strong enough to pick me up

3. Make me work for it a little

Is there such a thing as harmless flirting?

I think there is, it’s just a dangerous field to play in.

Are you friends with your ex on Facebook?

LOL -nope #Blocked.  I am friends with my others though. All things in time I guess.

Would you let your boyfriend be friends with his ex on Facebook?

Yes, I am not an insecure person and besides, it didn’t work out for a reason.

Finish the sentence…you could never date a guy who…

is bad in bed! LOL!

When and where was the last time you went skinny dipping?

Wow, ages ago at a friend’s house in the Vaal. Good times.

Do you have a three date rule?

No I have a three month rule.

One night stands – yay or nay?


Photos by Ronan Mcronehey

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