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Saturday , 26 May 2018
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Atomic Junkies – Event Review


Mix a bunch of hot cars, sexy girls, drifting, spinning, trail biking and freestyle motocross together in one show and you get the awesomeness that is Atomic Junkies! Over this past Easter weekend crowds were treated to a spectacular show put on the by the Atomic Junkies crew inside the Coca-Cola Dome, JHB.

The event had different sections of entertainment for people who came through to this new adrenaline sports fest namely: Show and Shine which was the exhibitor section which had the fast and furious of Jozi on display; drifting suicide rides; Scooter101; sound off competitions; spinning competitions;  and of course the main attraction the Atomic Junkies live stunt show.

This brainchild of Mikey Skelton, Jim Mc Farlane and Thebe Events saw event goers treated to a show hosted by Mikey, Jim and Wannie which involved them talking about hot and supped up cars as well as showing off their own drifting skills in their Speed and Sound drift army vehicles (Mikey and Jim) and Wannie showing off his spinning skills in his spin army car.

The Speed and Sound spinners entertained with their crazy antics like jumping out of their spin army cars while the car was in a full on doughnut spin – insane.

The Le Riche brothers had their chance to show off their trail biking skills showing how much is possible on a trails bike on their purposely built rig.

The Atomic Junkies girls were then placed in the arena while drifter Jonathan Rudman drifted around and in between the girls as they danced for the crowd – he literally was so close that the girls could touch and interact with the car as they danced.

17-year-old drift prodigy Jason Webb hit the drift arena in his Monster Energy Nissan 200sx following Jonathan Rudman in his Nissan, showing the crown just how drifting works and how much skill the drivers actually have.

Jason quickly had to swap cars to show how he could control a drift in the Speed and Sound drift army car around a spinning Speed and Sound spin arm car which was spinning around one of the drivers. This saw the crowd in awe as the cars almost hitting each other with every drift/ spin.

The crowd favourite was without a doubt the freestyle motocross riders consisting if Stewart Couper, Bendan Potter and Swedish rider Fredrik “Frog” Berggren. The crowd went crazy when the riders hit the 21metre gap pulling huge Whips, Double Grabs, Indian Airs, Rock Solids and Backflips to name a few but that was nothing compared to the grand finale which was everything happening at once – drifting, spinning, trail biking and freestyle motocross – and with such precision and timing!

Without a doubt anyone who watched the Atomic Junkies show left with their adrenaline pumping, a smile on their face and nonstop banter of what had just happened.

Atomic Junkies will be back with the next stop being in Cape Town – this is a show that you don’t want to miss.

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