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Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Action Sports Mastery with Nitro Circus Live South Africa

Travis Pastrana and his crew of the world’s best action sports athletes made their return to South Africa for the Nitro Circus Live tour, in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. The tour showcased some of the best Freestyle Motocross and BMX action know to man, and had fans screaming for more.

Highlights from Nitro Circus Live SA Tour

Not only did fans get to witness Travis Pastrana performing live for the first time but were also treated to some of the biggest tricks that only a few athletes are capable of doing. Cape Town saw the biggest crowds, Durban featured the incredible Erik Roner tribute tandem base-jump into the stadium, and Johannesburg erupted as the finale of the tour took place.

Travis Pastrana in South Africa for Nitro Circus Live

Nitro Circus just doesn’t disappoint! It is the pinnacle of Action Sports and it was amazing to witness the action live and in South Africa. However, in our opinion, there were a few things missing. Here’s what you missed, and what you didn’t miss from Nitro Circus Live South Africa.

Freestyle Motocross rider, Harry Bink wowing the crowds at Nitro Circus Live SA
Harry Bink – Frontflip Suicide No-Hander
BMX rider James Foster landing a Triple Backflip at Nitro Circus Live
James Foster – Triple Backflip

What you missed:

-Witnessing the man himself, Travis Pastrana, performing in the shows.
-The inclusion of  local athletes, Nick de Wit and Alastair Sayer (JHB only).
-Seeing some of the most innovative tricks landed by both the FMX and BMX riders.
-Harry Bink’s insane Backflip Rock-Solid and Fronflip Suicide No-Hander (FMX).
-Bruce Cook’s perfect Backflip on a dirt bike (Bruce is paralysed from the waist down).
-James Foster’s Quadruple Tailwhip and Triple Backflip (BMX).
-The Erik Roner tribute tandem base-jump into the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.
-Ryan Williams’ mastery of the Scooter and BMX – Unfortunately he injured himself in practice for the Joburg show and couldn’t perform.
-You just can’t beat a good Best Whip competition.
-The Freestyle Motocross and Gigant-a-Ramp trains are always spectacular.
-The Nitro Bomb is always a highlight with all the athletes taking to the ramps and going upside down at the same time.
-The pyrotechnics.
-The Nitro Circus show in itself is pure brilliance and entertained from start to finish.

Bruce Cook landing a backflip on a dirt bike at Nitro Circus Live
Bruce Cook

What you didn’t miss:

-The elements of the show were exactly the same as when they were last here in 2014, three years ago.
-Even the commentators used the exact same lines that were used in 2014 to introduce certain acts.
-Some new and exciting featured could have been added to change things up.
-There were 3 riders on field capable of doing a Double Backflip (Josh Sheehan, Travis Pastrana and Cam Sinclair), yet we did not see one.
-Pastrana did a Double Backflip just a few months ago at his hometown show.

Photos by Rich Sutherland.

Photo Gallery:

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